Arboking (chromapika) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Lots of gets + updated sales + a probably lost/stolen package :(

But let's start with 2 new Shiny Pokémon in game (even if they could have been 3 if I hadn't press "run" before looking at my screen and see a gorgeous Shiny female Fraxure...what I was looking for... ><)
I'm not yet decided on Golurk's nickname. Dragonair is nicknamed Osiris (captured in a Premier Ball) and will evolve into a beautiful green Dragonite <3

Now the gets o/

¤ from Sunyshore
Ultimately I realise that I chose G6 Pokémon who are most similar to animals lol
Pikachu is really awesome (more than what I imagined)

Pikachu is still cute ^^
I was not planning to buy Squirtle at first. But when I saw pictures of him, I fell in love with his blue <3<3<3

¤ from Pokevault
Inkay <3 I missed it during Gin's pick-ups because there were no pictures of it at that time. But when I saw how cute this lamp was, I knew I wanted one. And it was possible thanks to Pokévault and its 20% off sales. Really happy to have it (even if it is rather small ^-^). I think I'd like to buy the Litwick one too if I can ^^

¤ from poliwhirl
Those legendaries' poses are amazing ! I love them, thanks.
Starters are nice too, even if the size difference between Kanto and Kalos ones is almost shocking :O

¤ from nagaineko
Thank you again o/ I thought it would be so difficult to find them that I'm happy to have both sets now. They are so cute :3

¤ from +Poke Box+
Newcomers are canine keychains and Sinnoh pin. I had already hesitated to take it before, but I'm not really fond of G4 Starter. However, as I was planning to display them like in the picture I needed it for Riolu/Lucario x) I do not regret at all as it is quite nice and there is the console (which is not the case for pins of the last two generations :/)

¤ from AmiAmi
Really well made. I do not know if it's in my mind but I think XY series are better quality. However stickers are not shining this time :/

¤ from neeko48
A beautiful Shiny Arbok ornament, thank you :3

And now the bad news. I've been waiting for an Air Mail package from Noppin for one month. I know I should have chosen at least a registered method but my wallet was short at that time and as I had never had any problem with Air Mail before I thought it would be fine.
I will wait a little but what can I do if my package never arrives ? I can't believe that postal services have no responsability. Because in that way it's normal that some bad persons feel free to steal packages...

Thank you for reading :3
And Happy New Year all \o/

You can find more pictures on my website

And take a look at my updated sales o/
(some plushies and XY new Kids)
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