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And a Happy New Collector!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year, I hope everyone started the year with bright eyes and happy faces :) My username is Noibatcutie, but it's fine if you call me Shelby :) I joined the community around November after lurking for several months and falling in love with the atmosphere and sense of camaraderie everyone had. So I finally decided to make a livejournal and join! I've been a Pokeaddict since I was 4-5, being born in the mid-90's allowed me to witness the big Pokeboom and get swept in with it. I have a fairly large Tomy collection which you will see under the cut, but due to being a military child I have had to experience a lot of moves...and additionally we took on an incredibly energetic puppy which caused a lot of my Tomy's to lose paint and limbs ): It's not an incredibly urgent matter, but I hope I can one day restore them and maybe fill in a few spaces of my Tomy-dex :) My favorite gen is the Third, closely tied with the First of course! And even sixth gen is leaving an imprint in my heart... Anywho, I just fell in absolute love with the Hoenn region, and it holds many of my favorite Pokemon! Which leads to what I plan to collect! I adore Milotic, I remember falling in love with it when I was battling Wallace in Emerald and hearing the beautiful cry of the water dragon...After beating the game I began my search, spending endless hours searching every tile fishing and fishing for a Feebas as friends had instructed me in finding the elusive fish...and then I finally found it! So of course, I plan to hardcore collect Milotic and Feebas! Unfortunately it may take a while to do so, I'm a senior in high school and so far it looks like I will be a rather poor college student, and because her items tend to be more expensive it may take quite a while for it to take off...but one day I will own every item!! :) I will end my story now by simply listing my collection plans and then posting my current collection pics and including a few more things about myself under the cut!

Hardcore: Milotic, Feebas, Dusclops, Duskull, Banette, Noivern Line, Dedenne, Pumpkaboo
Occassional: Darkrai, Jirachi, Mightyena line, Houndour, Noctowl, Froslass line, Bulbasaur, Manectric Line, Froakie, Xerneas/Yveltal, Zorua, Sliggo only, Slowking
Wouldn't Mind: Altaria, Inkay, Growlithe, Bunnelby, Gulpin, Espeon, Skitty
Will Buy For Friends: Flareon, Mareep, Slowpoke, Piplup, Spinda

Without further ado, my collection!
There's no specific Pokemon section yet as I don't have enough items of one Pokemon to do so, but I hope this changes soon!

My Monopoly figures are worshipping my Duskull Tomy! >:D
Super lucky to have these V-Trainers! They were in a lone box on a shelf during a Black Friday sale the year they were released. My mom got my attention to grab them and they've been mine since! I only recently found out of their rarity and I am very proud and lucky to have them!
All except Pip were found at my local Thrift Shop!The Talking Pikachu still works and I only noticed in this picture that they match the Mystery Dungeon card! How cute! I got the Pip at Epcot, she still has her tag too!
Most of my games on display, some of my DS games are without cases and are in another case for safe keeping. It'd be easier to list what games I don't have lol: Pokemon Stadium 2, Pokemon Coliseum, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity, Pokemon White, Pokemon Black 2, Pokemon Red, Crystal, Gold, Pearl, X
limited edition guides
Love these hardover beauties! I also got the hardcover one for X/Y for Christmas!
2nd shelf
favorite tomys
My Tomy's in best condition that I wanted to display c:
thrift sho plushes
A bunch of Jakks plushes and BK figures I found in a big box at the Thrift Shop! I love the Mantyke one, it's so soft for a Jakks plush! Also some throw ball figures that I believe are fairly rare from what I've seen.
small milotic line collection
Was so unbelievably happy to find the Feebas throw ball plush! It is an incredibly miniscule collection, but I know it will grow one day...I also have the lid hanging on a wall next to a custom sticker from a convention I went to.
victini/lugia/hooh figures
all hail jirachi
Bow down before him!
tcg pogs
Somehow haven't lost the promo coin from the 2nd movie! It's so pretty and detailed! Also some TCG pogs I've somehow kept.
Master Trainer pogs
These are from the Red version of the Master Trainer Board Game! I love the designs on them and decided to put some Eevee love on display!
Espy/Blacky pogs
I love Umbreons pose! Even though I'm not a big eeveelu fan (I only really like Espeon and Flareon) I thought these were really cute!
TCG case
My TCG case with a funny sticker from Big Dogs (Miss that store..)
First page! Must fill those blanks with base sets...
Fave card 1
How cute and beautiful is this card?
Fave Card 2
Favorite Pikachu card ever.
Fave Card 3
I have the whole Erika Plume line, and Vi is even holo!
Board games that my parents bought form me throughout my childhood, except for the Master Trainers which my mom found at a Goodwill!
Super Rare Red Master Trainer
So this version of the game is apparantly incredibly rare, upon searching I've found the price tends to go for at least $400! As pictured below it still has all of the pieces and pogs! I love my mom!
All pieces
Tomy pile
Here come the Tomys...
Oops Water
Forgot these guys!
Krabby Army
Why so many lol I have no idea!
Yeah, Misty lost her arms...I still have their backpacks too! They're just in a box somewhere haha
Am I the only one that could never get Jessie to stand...
Kitty Cats
So many Meowth too! And from what I know the Persian Tomy is a little elusive? Will definitely look to give one of them a good home in the future c:
He has some jam on his tummy! Actually some paint rub but we can pretend right?
Her wings are so close to falling off...makes me so sad, I hope I can repair her antennae one day.
The Wounded
These guys had it the worst, losing limbs, having really bad chew marks, and considerable paint wear. Note the one-legged Ledyba and antler-less Stantler :C
Wounded Tails
So many tails lost
Forgot Mareep! Sorry baby! ; n;
The chips to my V-Trainers
Abra Line
A fairly elusive Tomy line from what I understand? Lucky to have them c:
My huuuuuge Turtwig plush I got from Epcot a few years ago! I'm actually really not fond of 4th gen starters but...he was so squishy I couldn't help myself!
Pi Pika Pi
The guy who started it all! I'm sure most of you members have had one of these at one point! I never let this guy go when I was little c:
From the LE guides, a nice little extra!
Misc Flats
Promos for distributions and little extras from guides
HG/SS Poster
Looooove this poster that came with the HG/SS guide!

Also not pictured is my LE beautiful amazing incredible perfect blue 3DS XL that my parents got me for Christmas that they bought the day it came out. I felt pretty bad because the system is a bit expensive and they said it did put them back a bit at the time but they didn't regret it so I decided to simply be happy and enjoy the work of art!

So there is my collection! I hope it can expand soon, even if by a little bit! I have a family of six with a lot of personal issues going on that leave us really tight on money, which we are saving for my college. But I will dip in for some little things!

And I also have a question: Does anyone know of some kind of Tomy repair contact? Or ways to get parts of Tomys? As you saw many of my childhood figures lost parts and I would like to repair them approppriately. If I can manage to get parts, some I may be able to super glue, but others (such as Ledyba's stubs which are uneven and wouldn't glue right) I'm not sure how I would fix :C If anyone has any suggestions or ideas I'd really appreciate it!

I would also like to thank white_chocobo, allyugioh, and brittanylischka for dealing with my first few buying interest posts! I wasn't aware that I didn't have appropriate funds when showing my interest in a few items but everyone was patient and kind when I explained ^^ I will do my best to cut back from mistakes in the future! Happy new year everyone! I'm glad to be here! ^^
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