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Collection Update. ^_^


And what's sad - this isn't even all of them I've got coming.


PLUSHIES. Who can have too many? >_>;

On the left is the DX Giratina UFO. I considered selling it, but it is probably the cutest of the Gira plush I've seen, so I do believe he'll be staying with me. In front of him are mini Shaymin and Skymin UFO plush - I thought originally I already had the Skymin, but it turns out there are two versions, and they are only slightly different - how aggravating. XD The middle Shaymin is the second DX UFO (face and material are notably different than the first, and it is also more round), next to it is the Banpresto lottery Shaymin, which is probably the best Shaymin plush available, apart from the talking one. It is made of a semi-velvety material, and has the best detailed features and shape. Sitting on top is the open-mouth Shaymin UFO - I love it's expression.

Really, I'm beginning to realize we've got too much land forme here, so some of them may be going up for sale if I feel they don't fit in. For right now they're staying though.


New stuff to go on my shelf. The Skymin attached to the mountain can actually be wound up so it moves on it's own. The rogue cat plush of course isn't anything Pokemon related, but it's actually Yuki, from The Cat Returns.


SHELVING! I love these shelves. They're from Ikea, and come in various colours. Gin's got her's in red I believe, and it's only appropriate that they'd be in green (my favourite colour), and it also happens to be SHAYMIN green. :D They hold a surprising amount of plush if you can stack them right way.



Threw all of the new additions on there. Now I've got some symmetry for the Shaymin totem poles (I only had them on one side at first, but now it's even. XD)

And clearly, I'm running out of room. I may have to move my Latias, Raikou, Espeon and Umbreons back to the other shelf or figure something else out.

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