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Happy New Year - suuuuper late kinda-grail gets!

Happy New Year, y'all!

I've been meaning to do this update for a few months now, and it's one I've been pretty excited about!

I finally got the movie 16 zukan that I had literally been waiting on for months, and that I've posted about a few times before. Long story short, I pre-ordered the set off of Anime Raro back in May, and when my package finally arrived in August...well, the package was ripped open and the contents were gone. After much pestering the company, they said they'd give me a 50% refund, but never followed up. I was pretty pissed off.

But then! I reconnected with without_reason, a local pkmncollector, who wanted to order the same zukan set, so she and I got it together! We met up at the local Pokemon Gathering the night before X/Y's launch. Here's a small preview of what I got!

 photo fromwithout_reason_zps52afebf1.jpg

 photo DSC02227_zps3b966f31.jpg
THE EEVEELUTION ZUKAN! I know this is old news, but I waited for this for so long and I'm just so happy to finally have it. I'm not an eeveelution collector, but I do have a bit of a soft spot for the foxy family, and I love zukan, so when this set was first announced I knew I needed these lovelies. Unfortunately Vaporeon has a big paint spot on her head, but otherwise the paint job is pretty nice (I consider myself quite lucky, considering how some other people's sets came out). They're a little tricky to set up, but gosh are they cute!

 photo DSC02230_zps47c2702a.jpg
The other reason I got this set - Mewtwo! Here he is next to the Mewtwo zukan from Pokemon Fan Magazine - they're both so cool! Unfortunately, I lost his Shadow Ball when I opened the package and haven't been able to find it since (which has never happened to me before). Still very cool! The Red Genesect zukans from both sets are also available in my Sales Post!

 photo DSC02233_zps21ce0841.jpg
What's this? Yes, without_reason also sold me the original Mewtwo zukan! Ahhhhh! This has been a mini-grail of mine, and I never expected to actually get it, especially for a reasonable price! Unfortunately I can't get the peg he came with to fit in the stand, so I have to precariously balance him on some shrubbery. Maybe I have the wrong peg? All well, he's still lovely!

 photo DSC02235_zps864f5107.jpg
Yep, that's right. While the 10th anniversary zukan aren't to scale with the rest of them, it's still a zukan so I love it automatically. I actually found him while I was travelling with a friend in London, and stopped by an anime shop my friend had recommended me. The cashier helped me get him, a Mew and Latias/Latios, making him one of my favourite people in the entire city. So I officially own all the Mewtwo zukan, and I think I may be the only one on the comm! ;-;

 photo DSC02242_zpse3bd1b11.jpg
And now, the photo I've been meaning to take for months - all of my zukan! It's so awesome seeing them all together like that. There aren't any other zukan I really want at the moment, and I'm really happy with where this collection is right now. I love how much colour the eeveelution zukan brings to the photo!

 photo DSC02263_zps9568a5a8.jpg
Speaking of - here's my eeveelution collection! It's really quite modest, but considering I don't actively collect them, I'm okay with that! The Jakks and mini Pokedoll were gifts from friends who assumed it's my favourite since I once cosplayed Umbreon, hehe. I also bought the Poketime strap from without_reason irl some years ago!

A friend of mine is currently in Japan and said he's bring something Pokemon-related back for me, so I'll probably be posting about that soon! (The same friend who got me the Umbreon min Pokedoll actually, as well as an awesome Pikachu baking mold I use all the time!)

I've also added some things to my Sales Post, so you should definitely have a look! I'll also be adding some new cards, and possibly auctioning off MIP Jakks sometime in the near future, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Also, a dangerous question, but what X/Y merch are you hoping for for the future? I'd really love to see more Meowstic, especially plush and a zukan, and I hope we get more Mega Pokemon!

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