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Target Tomy Clearance + Tomy Canada Question?

First a note: Was in two Targets yesterday, and with what looks like planograms being re-organized (yet again) with little on the shelves of two that I went to yesterday, they are having stuff on clearance. The one I went to WITH Pokemon merch, had what little they had on clearance! I picked up a two-pack of Tomy figures for $4.88, which was pretty good. So you might want to peek in stores and see if any are clearanced out! That is, in places that still HAVE Tomy stuff. (Once again worried with Tomy's poor distribution and whatnot, despite them saying that it's up to the store, not to them...)

But that's Target America, I have a question now for Canadian locations (since I'll be there next week): how is the distribution there?? I remember that Jakks actually did BETTER with bringing out stuff there. I think I heard that Walmarts even were doing ok with stocking? But that was a while ago... Where's the best place to go? Walmart? TRU? Target Canada? I'm mainly just looking for the hyper-sized figures from Series 2 and the reprints in XY (Mewtwo, Charizard, Lucario, Deoxys, and Garchomp/Tyrannitar, if they were even released outside of the NZ area?) Did Canada have any exclusive places for these guys as singles/multi-packs like they apparently do in America with Barnes and Noble/Target/TRU, etc.?
Thanks for any help!^^ 
Tags: figures, plush, tomy
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