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Taobao; prototype plushes?

Hello mina-san!~

How's everyone doing? Long time no post from me!
Currentely I am trying to gain some experience with the Chinese Taobao buying place.
They seem to have very interesting items, despite many rejects/bootlegs.
Something caught my eye.

I stumbled on this VERY rare Victini plush. The V-generate one. Only 100 made.
It's super cheap and looked too good to be true. I was getting more skeptical when
I saw it in an other auction as well.
Still I'm wondering HOW can a plush this rare just be for sell so cheap? When I looked
at the pictures the plush didn't look like a reject at all. So.. maybe it's a prototype?
I even found rare Pokedolls from which I know no rejects/bootlegs exist yet!

I looked through many more auctions and I noticed something else. The Banpresto ones
have very 'weird' tush tags. You see the logo and 'Banpresto' just in red. Maybe this is a
way they mark their prototype plush?


These Keldeo plushes are an example to clear things up. Look at the right plush tush tag. Banpresto marked bigger than on a final tag and I notice some scribbling too?

Meloette on the right is an other example.


A back picture of the very rare Victini. You can barely see the tush tag but I'm almost sure he has the 'prototype' tush tag as well. (Red letters)

So does someone have experience with Taobao? It was so tempting in almost buying the Victini but I thought I'd ask the comm first for help! :)
If you want a link from an Taobao auction just PM me!

Tags: plush, victini
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