noibatcutie (noibatcutie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

pokemon advanced topps

So I was going through some of my boxes in our garage and uncovered a huge ziploc bag of topps cards that I completely forgot I had. I believe I have close to 100! I was curious on if they are at least uncommon and tried searching online for anyone selling them but found almost no results! The most I could find were the Advanced Challenge set being sold, and I tried using the -Challenge trick and still couldn't find anything! The most I can find are catalogs but that doesn't get me an idea of their rarity :( I have dug fairly deep and found absolutely nothing, even searching through the community with a "cards" tag yielded no result :( I will put a picture of the particular type of cards I have as it seems every series' design is a bit different. Also, I'm curious if anyone has these cards so post some pictures of your own if you do! :)

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