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Christmas, Back from NYC and Random gets! + 2014 Sale! + tiny want!

Hi everyone! :D I hope you're all doing great!

I came back from New York 2 days ago and brought back with me some pokemon merch C: I also got some great stuff for Christmas and random gets from me to me :D :D :D
I also took some picture of the Nintendo World stock :)

Be prepare to see TONS of pictures! :D

Random gets from me to me:

I got this plush from sunyshore the second I saw a post about it <3 this plush is adorable!

I got this lovely Croagunk from eBay along with Litwick (when to a new home) it was cheaper to buy them together ><

I found both of them before going to NY :) I didn't expect to see them at ebgames (gamestop) and Target ^-^

I made a post about this pikachu not long ago :D this plush was a tiny grail of mine ^-^ I am happy to finally have it in my collection <3

LifeSize Pikachu
This lifesize Pikachu was too cute to resist <3

I always wanted to get this DX Umbreon, but they are so expensive on eBay D: I am happy that I was able to find one from a user here for a great price ^-^ he's lovely

This is the first Rayquaza Pokedoll I saw with a tag on eBay O: it was an auction and there was no way that I would let it go!!! :D I won it and I am super happy to have it in my collection ^-^

Christmas gets:

I got this cute Togepi from a friend :) she also got me the Glameow Pokedoll

Wobbuffet Pokedoll
This Wobbuffet is from my boyfriend C: he likes Wobbuffet

My best friend got me this Bisharp Pokedoll :D :D he's so cute with his floppy arms C:

That's the Glameow I got with the Togepi :)

I am in love with Froakie :D I asked my boyfriend for this plush and I got it ^-^

My Christmas gift from my awesome friend neglectedpirate
I didn't know that Jakks made some figure with a matcging marble :) Croagunk is looking so good in his packaging that I don't know if I should take him off of it ;-;
And that Xerneas ballchain figure is so well made :D I need to get the matching Yveltal now ^-^

NYC gets:

All together :) that's what I found for myself!

It's so great that I was able to find so many figures that I didn't have :D I bought 15 in total ^-^ they were "buy 4 get 1 free" C:

Outside their packaging <3 they are beautiful

I am surprised at myself that I didn't got more plushies than that ;D
I am not joking! I am pretty sure that I screamed like a little kid when I saw that they had the 1:1 Froakie in stock ;-;
Their Pokedolls stock was not too great >< but at least I was able to make 3 fit in my already overloaded suitcase ;) I will soon have 100 different pokedolls in my collection :D

Nintendo World Stock of the 3 last days of December 2013:
It was so crowded O: you couldn't barely move without having to walk on someone else's feet ><

I wanted to buy all of them!!! ;-; they are all so pretty <3

I was told, before going to the store, that the price of some of the pokemon plushes (XD Pokedoll and 1:1) had a price increase, but I don't know how true this it since the DX Pokedolls were still 15.99 and most of the 1:1 plushies (not including the starters) were 29.99 :)
If you are going to Nintendo world soon ^-^ don't be scared of the prices like I was! they have awesome deals!!!!

To the SALE! :D


Granted sale permission on December 9 2012 by entirelycliched

My feedback page:
I ship from New-Brunswick, Canada
Price do not include shipping
I live in a smoke free home
I have a bird as a pet
I accept Paypal only, no exception
No returns (only applies if I sent you the wrong item)
I am NOT responsible after the package leaves my hands, I do my best to protect everything. I will keep every proof of shipment.
Absolutely NO hold!
Asking for a quote is not considerate a hold
No trade, sorry
I ship worldwide. Please note that shipping overseas can take really long and be very expensive
All prices are in USD
I usually ship within 3 days
I will not accept anyone that wants to buy and then back out of sales. Negative Feedback will be left.

Squirtle pokedoll
Squirtle US Pokedoll NWT - $15

Glaceon pokedoll
Glaceon US Pokedoll NWT - $20

Charmander US Pokedoll NWT - $15

Lucario US Pokedoll NWT (2010) - $23

Talking Emolga, no box, no batteries - $40

Shinx Canvas
NWT Standing Shinx Canvas - $25

NWT US Pokemon Center Snivy - $10

Flareon keychain
I <3 Eevee Keychain Plush - Flareon NWT - $14

I <3 Eevee regular Plush - Flareon NWT - $16

Play-by-Play Meowth BackPack - used, no tag - $13

PkmnCenter Reshiram
12" US Pokemon Center Reshiram Plush NWT - $25

Play-by-play Big Charmander plush: $10
Play-by-play Medium Blastoise plush: $8


I am looking for this Yveltal ball chain figure :)

Thanks for looking! :D
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