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Oh My Goodness It's an Update!

Hello everyone! Happy belated New Year!
Well some of you may have noticed that I've been relatively quite on the community lately and I haven't given a proper update in months... Well I have a bit of time so here's an update with all the new plush I have added to my collection in the past few months!
First off inky_starlight my very best friend gave me these two cuties for Christmas! The Jolteon's name in Denz and the Mewtwo's name is Ramses. Look at how adorably grumpy he is X3 I love it!
Next I made another achievement the very expensive and highly sought after Jolteon canvas plush. I have casually bid on these for years but this time I actually seriously bid and I am now the proud owner of this beautiful baby, Her name is Klipspringer. Klippy for short.
And the plush keep on coming! This is Resh or Reshy if you want to irritate him :) I won him in a GA awhile back he is so soft and amazingly well made. I didn't really fall in love with any of the Pokemon from Black and White but I do really love Reshiram's design :>
Rayquazas! I finally was able to get a regular pokedoll and thanks to the amazing wilyfungi I was able to get a DX Pokedoll as well CX I love them both to pieces! their names are booth Clarence though I tend to call the big one PaPa Clarence :3
Here is a picture of everyone all together!
The two Jolteons have both secured their places in my Jolteon corner :>
And Pokedolls have become a bit squished but they are all quite happy in their new places, Although I'm a bit bummed, because I realized that I have to many to drag to school with me I am happy that they all fit together so nicely in their little niche :)
So that's my collection update, but I have one more thing on my agenda before finishing off this post and that is a trade.
This is PikaBoo my 2012 Pokemon Center Halloween Pikach plush, and although I love him dearly, I think it's time he went to someone who actually collects pikachu or ghost types or halloween plush. Anyway I have fallen in love with Fennekin and was very sad to realize I missed my chance at getting a Fennekin Christmas plush before they blew up in price. But I think PikaBoo for a Sweaterkin would be a fair trade :) so If you have an extra or would rather have PikaBoo here please let me know :)
I'm really only interested in The Christmas sweater fennekin plush but if you have something from my wants post I might be tempted into trading
I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched December 13th 2012
My feedback is here

Thanks everyone and as a final note I did something most epic last night :) I put pencil to paper and drew out all of my favorite pokemon from each generation in one giant picture :>
That being said I hope you all have a wonderful day! :D
To anyone who is curious the pokemon all have names, as they are my pokemon from each game that I liked the most, some of them have back stories and families :)
from left to right up and down Kitty, Clarence, Ragnarok, Mari, Ace, Peaches, Bubbles, Kurama, Loki, Vali, Fenrir, Toboe, Miju, Crany, Gimley, Blue, Kipper, Klipspringer, Resh, Spicket, Lulu, and Yoru
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