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Hello all you beautiful people. (Anniversary Post?)

I'm not dead! I've just had shoddy internet and stupid work things. MOVING RIGHT ALONG...

My DUX are doing fine and dandy. The latest piece is the Farfetch'd/Dittomelon figure that I'm very stoked to have finally. Fingers crossed for Farfetch'dinite?

The Ladyfriend's sea slugs. Clear kid on the end was a Y!Japan find, and I <3 Marine Blue Shellos is entirely too happy to be amongst his sluggy brethren. Look at that grin!

The glorious pins that are hard to photograph nicely. If there's a specific pin you want details of, let me know. :) I'm especially happy about the Game Corner Marill, the two World's Pikachus, and the big plastic 3D pins that I have totally forgotten the proper name of. (help?)

Just a sampling of neat things I've picked up here and there lately. This includes...

...big dumpy Pillow Pal Pikachu, who chills out on the sofa...

...the guide for Stadium 2...

...and these two VHS tapes. I know the Trainer Video's contents can be found here: but I haven't done much research on the Insider tape. I'll pop it in the (now functioning) VCR and get back to you guys with details.


Okay, first of all, I know there are a few of you guys out there who make necklaces and charms out of old Pokemon cards, and some of you are adventurous in various art making. This is for you:

This copy of the First Movie Art Book would be perfect for jewelry making, collages...uh...other art-like projects...(work with me darn you!)

Because while most of the pages look like this,

...some of them look like this... The last owner of this book was more than likely under the age of nine. And enjoyed their safety scissors n' colored markers. So, if anyone can turn this book into a couple of nice art projects, let me know so I can send it to you.

Also up for the taking is a 60 59 piece puzzle that I thought was all there. Most of Hitmonchan's face is missing... Just say you want it and it's yours, box included.


Pokemon Sorry! Looking for $10 or equivalent in trade or OBO.
Comes with: Instructions, Game Cards, and the goofiest looking illustration of Gym Leader Blaine ever created.
Is missing: Arcanine, Raichu, and Tangela's base.

This book was clearly not owned by the same kid as above. Book is in perfect condition. $2 or Trade Equivalent or OBO.

And a request. Would anyone here be interested in trading my Gamestop X&Y Pre-order poster for a Target X&Y Pre-order Yveltal pin?

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