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Sales post!

Crescent box, crescent box~~ Various kids, old Tomy plush, Japanese Pokeball-change plush, and some auctions! :D

Shipping will start at $2 for a padded envelope, $4 for a small box. Everything is coming from the US and is in USD, so please inquire about international shipping!
I don't mind holding items for a few days - just keep me updated :)
PayPal and concealed cash at your own risk accepted. Offer me Vulpixes as partial trades, I like them. <3

If you'd like a closer picture of anything, just ask! My camera kind of sucks at close-ups of small things, but I'll try my best. Crap camera also explains fuzziness/blurriness of some pictures >_> I apologize.

Keep an eye on this post! I've offered a few other items not in this post to people who expressed interest in them initially, but if anyone declines, the item will end up in here! And finally, you are absolutely welcome and encouraged to haggle. I have no idea what I'm doing with prices. XD; Fiiinally, on to the sales~

(back view)
(Charmander pokeball detail)

Bellossom Friends(?) - fantastic condition, like new. $7.
Charmander-to-Master Ball plush - $4.50 (Charmander 'side' is fantastic, Masterball side has faded/peeling master ball spots)
Moustache Mouth Charmander finger puppet - offer? I kind of want to keep him because he has a moustache. XD

(Back view)
(Slowpoke detail 1) (Slowpoke detail 2)

Mew looks kind of dirty from the lighting/terrible camera, but I assure you, he's in absolutely perfect condition! Old, too o_O
Mew friends plush - $12
Slowpoke Tomy magnet plush - $4 (no rips/tears, but he does have some dirt spots, see detail pictures. Should be easy to wash out, though!)

(Mews, Clefairy, Cleffa reversible pokeball sides)

Pink things!
Mew keychain plush $3
Mew Pokeball change plush $3
Mew Masterball change plush $3 (That's a shadow on its face, not dirt! .. But it is a bit grubby, and the master ball side isn't mint.)
Clefairy Tomy magnet plush $3
Clefairy Pokeball change plush $3 (A bit grubby, could use a wash. No tears/etc, just dirt smudges and paint rubs on zipper)
Cleffa Pokeball change plush $3 (Great condition, but she could use a wash)
Jigglypuff Tomy keychain plush $4 (fantastic condition, so cute!)

Various kids. All in excellent condition, except one Raticate, which has a white scuff on its head.
Clear Raticate x2 $1.50 TAKE THEM AWAY
Clear Golduck $3.50
Clefairy $4
Mankey and Golem $1 each TAKE THEM AWAY ALSO

Candy grabbers. Not fantastic condition. XD Not available: Blastoise, stickers-Mew
Pikachu - $2 (Black eartips and brown tail parts are scuffed, brown scratch on back)
Charizard - $1 (Missing wings/tail, scuff on one arm)
Non-stickers Mew - $2 (nicer than stickers, but some dirt. Also no tail. XD)

Combine with anything available in this post!  (Treecko, Pikachu plush unavailable, most stickers/flipz still there, though)


(Back view)

All three are in fantastic condition! They're being auctioned because at least two people expressed interest in them initially. Please wait to send buy comments until I've got the BID FOR THIS HERE comments made, thank you!

Raichu - $7 - coatsinthefoyer
Dragonite - $10 - enshogirl
Mankey - $7 - meowthcollector

And lastly, something a bit different:

(Click here for fullsize!)
(Folded up)
This is a big plasticy poster/mat showing pictures of a bunch of earlier  Kids. Neat, huh? I dunno if anyone's interested in it or not.. go go auction!

Plastic Kids poster thingy - starts at $3

Derp derp derp, forgot to say when auctions end.
THEY END Saturday, August 30th at 10 PM EST.

George don't do that. (No Raichu Kids were harmed in the making of this picture, George just assumed Raichu = lettuce.)
Thanks so much for reading! :3
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