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2014 Sales

Hello everyone! I recently had my 4 year anniversary here! I feel like such a veteran now =D. Let's celebrate with a sales post. My next post will be a collection update with Flareon, Arcanine and a lot of Tomy keychains.

First some rules
~ I got sales permission from Lineaalba January 8th 2010
~ I only accept paypal
~ I ship anywhere in the world from the Netherlands
~ All prices are in US Dollars
~ Feedback:
~ Old feedback:

Shipping costs 2014
Small Packages
0-20 g $1.47
20-50 g $2.94
50-100 g $4.41
100-250 g $7.35
250-2 kg $13.23
Big Packages
up to 2 kg $12.60 starting price in Europe without Track and Trace
$25.20 Worldwide without Track and Trace
up to 2 kg $18.20 starting price in Europe with Track and Trace
$34.02 Worldwide with Track and Trace
2-5 kg $27.30 starting price in Europe with Track and Trace
$48.02 Worldwide with Track and Trace

Pokemon 0202pokemon oktober 028

All plush require a BIG package.
Pokemon 020pokemon oktober 022pokemon oktober 023pokemon oktober 024pokemon oktober 025
First up is this lifesize Eevee custom (see last picture for size reference with official 1:1 Eevee) from D215lab from Deviantart.
I don't want to make any money of her work so I'm asking the exact same prize as what I paid for it.
pokemon oktober 019
pokemon oktober 020pokemon oktober 021
$25.00 OBO
Flareon pokemon center plush. Tush tag intact. The other tags are detached but I still have them and can include them if requested.

Pokemon 021
$25.00 OBO
Eevee mascot plush MWT
Diploma-uitreiking 011
$20.00 OBO
Flareon I <3 Eevee keychain plush MWT

Full set of I <3 Eevee sitting plush MWT

pokemon oktober 028
MIP 151 figure stamps
Each comes with a paper insert.
$3.00 each unless mentioned.
pokemon oktober 029
Available: Spearow, Fearow, Raichu, Golduck, Growlithe, Geodude
Raichu and Growltihe $6.00 each
pokemon oktober 030
Available: Venomoth, Gravelar, Golem, Grimer.
pokemon oktober 031
Available: Hitmonlee, Seadra, Tangela, Omastar. Articuno, Zapdos
pokemon oktober 032
Available: Horsea, Hitmonchan, Mr. Mime, Moltres, Pikachu
pokemon oktober 033
Available: Psyduck, Muk, Omanyte.

pokemon oktober 035
Paper insert.
pokemon oktober 038
Chibi stamps and Clefairy stamp and Charmander roller stamp
$2.00 each
pokemon oktober 040
151 Figure stamps without paper insert
Raichu $4.00
Rest $2.00 each
pokemon oktober 042
Ash Pikachu zukan $5.00
Meowth keychain figure $2.00
Golduck Rhydon metal figures $2.00 each
Zekrom figure $2.00
Pikachu and Marill strap $1.00 each (Pikachu had a very bad paint job)

Pokemon sales 008
Flippo collector
Complete with all the pogs, holder itself isn't in mint condition
pokemon oktober 027
Each sheat $5.00

Pink purse $5.00
Requires a BIG package

last pokemon sales 005
Postcards $1.00 each
Available: Pikachu, Poliwhirl, Ditto, Mew
last pokemon sales 008
Change image things
$0.50 each   or 3 for $1.00
last pokemon sales 009
Clear pogs
$0.50 each   or 3 for $1.00
last pokemon sales 010
Change image pogs
$0.50 each   or 3 for $1.00
Thick trainer pogs $1.00 each
roeien 015
Gameboy things $0.25 each
roeien 021
Pog lot $6.00
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