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~Collection Update + New Collection + Grail Line Complete~


Hello, everyone! I'm baaaaaaack from a long winter hiatus. I've been offline for most of the holiday break so don't be offended if I haven't responded to recent comments. I'm slowly catching up. I had a glorious haul this season and would really love to show off my spoils. Things keep coming in but I think its about time to showcase some of it. Christmas and my Birthday really helped my collection out. Hehe.

I've also decided on a new pokemon collection! This is rare for me so I'm quite excited to show you my first piece of merch for it.

Yup! Besides Mega Absol I've decided to hardcore collection HAWLUCHA! He is very dear to me, ever since I first saw him leaked I hoped he'd be real. I love aztec culture and lucha libre. I know people have mixed feelings about him and his design doesn't really fit the region but that's probably why he stood out for me most. During my play through of X he was on my team through the whole game and the first pokemon I leveled up to 100 in the Kalos region. To start off my love for this new collection I decided to go to the custom plush makers. I've been waiting for these gems to come all the way from China this winter and they're finally here. Thus! The start of my Hawlucha collection begins!!!

Here's the package I was waiting on to reveal my new collection update. ;3; These are made by the quick and talented D215LAB.

Here is my current Hawlucha collection! The first piece of official merch for him is the awesome clear file. Which I was very very excited about. It's very small but I hope it will grow though I'm okay if it stays small. I'm hoping Pokecen will surprise me and give this guy a promotion or be involved in one. Though, I feel he might be an off-ball and barely receive anything. Other than a zukan and kids but I'm crossing my fingers.

These are perfection. Simply perfect. ;3; I knew right as I saw Hawlucha I needed pokedolls.
Say hello to the FIRST EVER Hawlucha plush. I'm so happy to have the first. I designed the turnarounds for these beauties and D215LAB did an amazing job following them.
Just every seam, the way she did the back of the feathers, the shapes, the legs. EVERYTHING is exactly how I pictured it. I can't stop holding them and I can't decide which one I like more. They're both so perfect.

I've decided that the normal Hawlucha's in my collection will be male while the shiny will be female just like the one I caught in game. I'm hoping they make an official pokedoll of him in the future. I don't mind if I have custom ones because I know there will be differences.


I also won this guy!

During my usual ebay searches I was baffled to see another Hawlucha plush. I thought this one would make an excellent Birthday present for myself considering it ended near it. It's made of fleece this time but the pattern is pretty top notch. I love the embroidery on the eyes and the shape is nice. The only thing is his pattern on his back feathers is different than his official design but I don't mind. He fits in perfectly with the others. He's made by Neon_Juma. <3

This one is an awesome addition! I have one for all my main collections. :3 I found this cool menu bead sprite on etsy. It's a magnet! Which now sits on my fridge.
I am more than willing to add more custom's to this collection. I feel that's mostly what I'll be doing until the zukan and kids come out.


Up next a tiny Sylveon update!
Starting off with a completion of grail worthy items! My boyfriend surprised me with this Sylveon 3DS cartridge holder! He never buys me any Pokemon things because he doesn't know heads or tails of what I want or already possess. XD I also got the magazine promo Sylveon strap that came out recently. C: I like the pink box it came in.

Can you guess what my mini grail is?





I now have the Silver, Gold, Brass and Bronze Sylveon metal collection coins!

I spent about $300 on these and hosted a few sets. X_X It was such a pain but seeing them finally together pays off for everything. I just got the gold and silver in the mail. Augh. They're so amazing.

This came with my Hawlucha pokedolls. My first ever SHINY Sylveon plush. X3 I wanted my shiny to be unique. It needed to be in a different pose, size and shape.
I designed the plush to be chibi, big head, big eyes, big ears and tiny paws. I knew it had to have his mouth opened with its tiny teeth showing and his back paws needed to be up. That's the main difference that sets this guy a part from the rest. Those tiny back paws. X3


Just look at him!!!!! He's nearly pokedoll size. His ears make him slightly taller. His ribbons are all wired for posing and he's uber soft and made of minky. He fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. I can't get over him. Like my Hawlucha's I make all my normal Sylveon's female while all my shiny's are male. X3 Again, amazing D215LAB.

Another shiny Sylveon appeared! This one made by flag! AAAAAH! I was so happy they let me commission one since I knew they made a normal in the past. X3 It's gorgeous and I love how vibrant it is sitting in my collection. The little blue bell and the pink eyes are so adorable~ I'm so happy to have a bell plush in this collection.


These guys traveled with shiny Sylveon. Check out my the completion of my Sloth bell plush! Hahaha! Yay! I already commissioned for a Slakoth but waited a long time to ask to make the others. Vigoroth and Slaking came out so GOOD! I love Vigoroth's fur and paw pads and flag totally pulled off Slaking's lazy laying pose. The back of his arm is sitting behind him X3 It's so perfect.

And lastly, a menu bead sprite, this one is also a magnet. X3


And I also got these guys with the other bead sprites. I haven't decided if I want to collect this line but the odds so far are saying yes since I currently have everything out for them atm. Time will tell if I will officially let them stay.


This guy was waiting for me when I got home! It's a clear Floatzel kid! Yay! I've been looking for him for so long! It takes ages for me to get any new clear kids so I was really happy I got this one and with no competition. :D

Pikachu, why must I keep buying plush of you?!

I decided to cave and get the winnie the pooh styled Pikachu plush. I knew I would regret it later if I didn't. It's exactly what I wanted for my office. It's pokedoll size and fits perfectly with my theme at work. c: I do not regret getting him.
I also got the keychains. Dang you gender pika items. XD Why must you tempt me. The cute heart shaped noses make the female that much more cuter.


I also visited the Nintendo store this holiday and boy was it packed! They completely redid the store. All the pokemon items were located upstairs. While all the Mario things were down stairs by the register. I was a little disappointed by the selection. A lot of it was gone, I was hoping to get a Pancham plush but I did get the last Fennekin which I was happy about. Though, there were no more Chespin's.

These guys pretty much saved the trip. I was SO happy and surprised to see these out on the floor! I've been looking for the Helioptile set at TRU and Target forever and I had no idea the Noivern set was out yet. He is such a beauty! I love all his details. I ended up with more Mario plush than Pokemon this time around. ^^; I did score an awesome Birdo plush. <3

That's all for now~ I'm hoping to get more Sylveon items in the mail real soon. :D
Thanks for all the Birthday wishes last month and for looking!

Things I'm looking for are:

Any of these clear kids!


I hope to obtain him this year. Please. ;A;

Lastly, the GOLD variant coin of the Sylveon Medal Collection set. High Priority.

And any Sylveon items that are not on my collection site!~


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