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Collection weeding sales and offers!!

I have decided to get on with my sales while cleaning up my room, because the more packages I do, the more I can get rid of things and it will be easier for me to move around X'D
Here is a preview if what I have for offers, like sleepy Pichu pillow, Wailord Time cushion, Raichu line zukan and of course, much much more!
NOTICE!!! I will set up a price I want for the offers, HOWEVER, I might also take lower than that, so do not hesitate to ask :)


Onto the offers first! I decided to add my Joltik kid for a few size references :)
Please read the rules first, before you decide to buy!

- Please provide your country so I can determine the shipping cost.
- When sending the money to me, please include in the Paypal note what you are buying and your LJ username.
- I am not responsible for lost or damaged items in the mail, but I will do my best to pack them carefully. I always use newly bought bubble mailers!
- I accept Paypal only. No echecks please.
- Once you know the final price, it must be sent to my Paypal within 24 hours.
- I do ship internationally.
- I ship from the Slovak Republic, always by First class/Priority. You can ask me for Registered mail as well. I normally ship as fast as I can. When I ship items out, I always write a message and leave feedback as well!
- This sales post is HUGE, that's why I ask you to be patient please when it comes to shipping! It might take me from a few days to 3 weeks to ship your items out!
- If it might happen that a package gets returned to me, I will let you know and you have to pay me half the payment for shipping again. This means no backing out on the item/s, just because it got returned to me.
- Shipping will depend from the country you are from.
- I come from a smoke-free environment. I do have a dog at home, but he never touches my things, because they simply do not interest him.
- I can hold something for you for the next 24 hours, but if you do not respond to me after that, I will put it back on sale.
- Backing out of a sale means you will get negative feedback!!
- Please no haggling at this time. If you think my prices are too high, do tell me please. I always try to sell or auction items off for a reasonable price.
- I have the right to refuse anyone, if I have a reason for it (such as negative feedback).
- I have gotten sales permission by dakajojo in the beginning of March 2011 and my feedback can be found here and also here!
First, to the offers! I will take offers until sometime next week Friday the 17th! :)

Wailord Time cushion! Has been only displayed in my second bed! Comes MWT! The tag is a little creased on a few sides!
Offers for him will start at 100$!

Super adorable sleepy Pichu pillow! Comes only with tush tag and there is a tiny mark seen on the ear!
Offers will start at 20$!

Charmader Canvas plush, MWT!! Offers start at 30$ for him!
Christmas Snivy plush is MWT, but the tag is slightly creased! Offers start at 20$ for him!

Rare Pikachu and Pichu Bros keychain plushies! MWT! Offers start at 10$!

Raichu line zukan! I would like at least 70$ for it, but might take less!

Pikachu monthly plush, doesn't have any tags. Offer starts at 15$!
Eevee flower keychain plush starts at 5$!

Honchkrow merch! Zukan, clear Honchkrow kid, Retsuden stamper and clipping figure! Each starts at 5$!

Slowpoke line zukan, without base! Offer starts at 10$!

Now to the sales!

I have a ton of new things up for sale, all come from my own collections!!!

CLICK HERE to go to Part 1: Plush, kids, figure and other toys!

CLICK HERE to go to Part 2: Keychains, stationeries, bags and other non flat items!

For now, I have only these for sale:

Rainbow Islands TCG cards + postcard! Each is 5$!

Deoxys: $7, Suicune: $9, Palkia: $5, Garchomp C: $0.50, Garchomp C LVL x: $5, Crawdaunt G: $0.75, Drifblim FB: $1, Venusaur: $2.50, Smeargle: $1, Magmortar: $0.75, Mismagius: $0.75

That is all from me, thank you so much! <3
Tags: charmander, eevee, eeveelution, honchkrow, pichu, pikachu, raichu, sales, slowbro, slowking, slowpoke, snivy, wailord
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