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New member here :)

Hi guys! I'm Nessa (or midnight 312, whichever works XD) I joined this community about a week ago to make some new friends and collect some of my favorite pokemon merch :) I'm very new to livejournal and im not 100% familiar with everything yet so any advice helps (like how to buy, where things are, etc.) I've been a huge fan of pokemon since around 2005 but ive only been playing the games until I recently got into collecting plush, figures, and sometimes cards. Right now, my favorite to collect is pokedolls by far (and anything having to do with the eeveelutions, my favorites) My collection is very small right now:

My small collection

^ Hope I did that cut right... Anyways, i'm only interested in buying for now. I'll only post a few wants for now:

Major wants: Espeon pokedoll & Vaporeon pokedoll
Interests: 2013 Japanese lottery pokedoll figures(the eeveelution ones)

That's about it for now :) Can't wait to meet u guys ^.^
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