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gets! wants! jazz hands!

Hey there! Hope y'all had a lovely holiday season~! I'd like to share a couple of things that I got around Christmastime this year! (Including some things I have questions about!)

A Tomy Fennekin, from my brother! Ahh, I was so excited to get Fennekin merch~ one of my favourites in 6th gen!

And then... another, bigger Tomy?? A gift from a different person! The two plushies are so cute next to each other, like brothers!

Here's the bigger Fennekin next to my dog, Daisy (who I think might be a Pokemon, too!)

"Hmm, yes, I like this creature."

A KFC Dratini, a blast from the past! In 4th grade, I had my KFC Vulpix and my best friend had a Dratini! I always loved this little plush.

My first community purchase!! (And what a pick for it, huh?) She's sooo pretty *-* From dezi_kitsune, thank you so much!

A handful of figures my sister got me from a flea market. Can anyone tell me about the Charmander and the Snivy? Charmander has "Sisco Inc" printed on his back.

And I unearthed my "Pikachu collection", as I once called it. Really old, random stuff. The one on the left vibrates if you pull the string in its head o-o Anything interesting here? Any Pikachu collectors interested?

The Dratini plush helped me realize something... I'd like to start an official collection of first-gen dragons! Dratini is so cute, and Dragonair is so beautiful, and Dragonite is such a lovable goober!! So to that effect, I'd like to see if anyone is selling a Pokemon Time Dragonair plush. I'm crossing my fingers for around $35 shipped! (I'm in the US)

Ummm... and I guess that's it! Thanks for looking! n_n
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