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YAY! Trade Post Finally! :D

HURRAY! I finally have over 10 positive feedback, and I can start doing some community trades! :D
Feedback here!
Please note I do NOT have sales permission, so I cannot sell these, even though I'd like to! Trades only until I apply for permission! <3

I've done 40+ trades on youtube under my channel Pokemon Excavation (I've got 919 subs as well, so with these two bits of info, I'm considered a trusted trader)! I've got more info on this, and MORE HAVES here: << TONS more here!! (Kids, clear kids, rare TCG stuff - including sealed and promos, Bandai, Banpresto, Tomy and moooore!

Filmed TCBMs (traded cards by mail):

Here are the people I've traded with, featuring such Poketubers as SuperDuperTutorials,  JordanJapanPokemon, TheCatsMeowth, TeamBoosterBreak and a ton more! :)

I will only trade with people who have the same positive feedback as myself, and I will only send first if the person has 15 or more positive feedback. But I honestly would rather we send at the same time! ^__^
Again tracking is MANDETORY, unless you're over seas and then you send first! (Unless you've got like 35-40 positive feedback)

VERY Small taste of what I have for trade! :3


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