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Quick Sales For The New Year!

Hey guys! I have been pretty busy lately so I haven't posted in a little while, but I kind of need some quick cash right now for an upcoming bill :( Hopefully you guys find some stuff you like :) I decided to give up my 2005 Flareon pokedoll to someone that would like it more since I do not collect Flareon plushies. :) I have some battle museum figures, kids, and other figures in my sales as well. I have some TCG leftover at my journal- however the post is really old and is not up to date so just ask me if something is still available if you see anything you like. TCG here at my journal:

Sales Permission was granted on 11/28/2010
Feedback is HERE:


Sales 1/10/2014

Rules and Guidelines:

-I ship from Oshkosh, WI USA. I will ship internationally!
-Shipping starts at $2.50 in the U.S. which includes paypal fees and starts at $7.00 internationally.
-I can hold items for up to a WEEK if you are waiting for a paycheck ^_^ I totally understand! Just let me know and we will work something out.
-I use recycled bubble mailers and shipping/packaging materials to reduce costs and just plain not to waste anything :)
-I generally ship within 2-4 days depending on when you order it and my work schedule :) Ii try to be as quick as possible with shipping. If you need your item sooner, just let me know and I will do everything I can to make that happen :)
-Just ask me if you need additional pics. I will try my best to do close-ups for you. I have a 3 megapixel camera phone so it is hard sometimes lol
-Quotes are fine as long as you say "quote" when asking. I will consider a quote as a hold, but I expect an answer on whether you are going to buy or not within 24 hours or your item(s) will get passed on to the next inquirer.
-Payment is expected within 24 hours. That means you have committed, I tell you your total, then payment is expected. (Unless otherwise worked out with me for a hold.
-Any questions, please ask! :) I respond within 24 hours, but most likely sooner :)


Flareon 2005 U.S. Pokedoll.
This Pokedoll is 100% legit and does not come with hang tag- only tush tag. The tush tag has the "S" sticker inside :)



Flareon 2005 U.S. Pokedoll is $45 shipped to the U.S. and $50 shipped to everywhere else.

MIP Figures:

All BW5 Bandai Kids are $5.00 shipped to the U.S (want to get rid of these lol) The box will be flattened. If you want it intact, it will be extra because I will need to get a box then.

Bandai Kids:

Dialga DX Kid: $4
Darkrai: $2
Elekid has lots of paint rubs and marks: 50 cents
One Marowak has permanent marker writing on his side, that is 50 cents, otherwise the rest are all $1.00

Battle Museum Figures:


Eevee: $18


Hoothoot: $2.00


Aipom: $2.00


Bonsly: $2.00

Weavile: $3.00


Tentacruel: $2.00


Kakuna: $2.00


Miltank: $5.00

Random Figures:


Pikachu "Friends" figure: $3.00
Eevee Ippai Figure: $4.00
Deoxys Pencil Topper: $2.00
Vigoroth Pencil Topper: $1.00
Chingling Chou with broken peg inside (Free with Purchase)
Random bases: The orange one is for a Dusknoir chou (free with purchase) and the Green one is for whatever you want, but no peg is included. (free with purchase)

Close ups of Pencil Toppers:


Thanks for looking!!! ^_^

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