Lorelli Gishason (lady_lau) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Lorelli Gishason

Small weeding sales

Belayed happy new year everyone! I have a bunch of new gets so I'll make a post on that later this month.
Just wanted to post a few sales to make room for the new Spritzee plush! :)

All pkmncollectors rules apply! My feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/lady_lau/ Sales permission granted on march 10/2013 by entirelycliched :)
I ship from northern Alberta, Canada.
I generally ship in bubble mailers just for a bit of added protection. Shipping costs differ based on items size!

ichiban kuji prize H facecloth $12 (i can fold it for cheaper shipping but it will bend the cardboard.)

pichu charm (has been removed from package to look at, but immediately put back) 9$
sylveon charm strap $3
pokemon deco tape (i used this once to test it but that's it) $9

medium sized slowpoke tail $12 (holding up the charm so you can see it better!)
Tags: pichu, sales, slowpoke, sylveon
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