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Cute Mini Puzzle on eBay & Small Sales Post

 Well I just received my Raichu Gacha Figure (1998) from an eBay seller- the shipping was very quick- it only took a week- and I was browsing through their other items and came across an adorable mini puzzle which I thought would interest a few- it shows Burmy, Piplup, Pikachu, Shinx, & Bonsly having an afternoon nap:
They also have a few nice figures in their shop as well.

I had organised my plushes and figures in a nice order etc and I intended on downsizing- and this is what I came up with:

Pachirisu Friends Plush (no tag) $8
Pachirisu small plush (with tag) $7
Lucario Pokedoll (with tag) $12 On Hold for kiraras_lemon
These plushes are in very nice condition as they are from my own collection

And a few more I found at the boot sale:

Medium sized plush Mew (will get dimensions in a mo)- nice condition- with tag $7

Clip plush Charmander with tag (slightly grubby in places but otherwise nice)- $5

I accept Paypal- I live in the UK and will post worldwide. I would be quite happy to trade for any Skymin or Raichu items I do not have (I have a list of Skymin in my journal) or anything you think I may be interested in.
Tags: charmander, lucario, mew, pachirisu
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