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Hi everyone! long time no see! I've kind of fallen out of pokemon collecting, and i've just been hanging on to a couple things because they're nice, but they've been in storage for the past while and i realise there is probably someone out there that would like them more than me!
under the cut i have walky bulbasaur and squirtle plush, and a custom gligar plush (by me) for sale!!
(sales permission granted by former mod lineaalba in 2010)

each are in near-mint condition, they're not perfect only because they've been around for a couple of years. they each have all of their tags and charms, which are all in very good condition, the exception being one of squirtle's charms has a splotch on it:

you may be able to get it off with a magic eraser or something, but i've tried just rubbing it off with cleaner and stuff with no luck.

I am selling bulbasaur for $45, and squirtle for $35

This gligar is more or less a pattern test for a commission i did. i started working on it and then found out they wanted pink instead of purple, so i make it pink instead, but i finished up this purple guy anyways. he's made of minky, with embroidered features, and is about 6 inches tall; pokedoll sized.
I'm asking $125 for this gligar.
JUST A HEADS UP i also made a post on my tumblr blog about him being for sale, so if someone contacts me about it through email first, then he'll be sold. it's still first come first served, but there just might not be a comment on this post to show for it. i'll keep close track of time to be as fair as possible so everyone has equal chance.


SHIPPING will be $4 within the US and $9 outside of the US, with $1 extra if you buy more than one thing. my preferred method of payment is paypal!
if i haven't received payment within 24 hours of you claiming an item i'll make it available again, unless we specifically talk about later payment.

thanks everyone!!
Tags: bulbasaur, custom, gligar, plush, sales, squirtle
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