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Small Sales Post

As my collection grows, hard choices have to be made. I have been "battling" with myself about selling a few of these items for quite awhile, but I realize they will go to really good homes where they can be appreciated more. So, please take a look and consider these little lovelies. :)

Palkia and Mantyke phone charms (brand new and still sealed): $3 each
Wynaut and Mudkip bobbleheads (brand new and still sealed): $3 each
Magmorter and Bronzor 3D magnets (like new/never used): $2.50 each
Limited edition hard/thick metal Pokemon Center keychain (brand new and still sealed): $5

Pikachu Welch's jar w/out lid: $3
Rare Eevee plush keychain: Sold

Rare Squirtle flashlight. I've had it since 1999. It's been sitting on my stereo holding two Inuyasha charms for years. ^^; It's in mint condition and well cared for. The flashlight doesn't work, sadly, due to age. All it needs are new batteries, I'm sure. Basically, there is no on/off switch or button you push/press to work the flashlight. All you do is set Squirtle down to turn it off and pick him up for the light to automatically turn on. It's quite nifty. ^_^ I put him next to my Corsola pokedoll for size comparison. She's not for sale.
Squirtle is $8!
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