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Small Sales

Hey community! Haven't made a post since last year and I figured that I should make a sales post since I have a few things I want to get rid of and really want enough money for a custom plush!

(I have also gained a new obsession with the "Key Ring Pokemon"- Klefki)
I am going to bed soon so please be patient with quotes!

I can ship everywhere

I ship from Goodyear AZ in the United States. And I am not responsible if you item gets lost in the mail!
I am a SLOW shipper. If this is a problem to you, its best not you buy from me.

I will do holds but only for 24 hours, if you need more time, please tell me.

All shipping starts at $2.05 (In the U.S.) and $6 to anywhere else

REASONABLE haggling is welcomed.

Sales Permission granted by entirelycliche on 4/2/12
When I give you a quote, and you do not respond in the next 10 hours, I will move onto the next person asking for the item

Bolded text means click on the text for more pictures
I have the right to decide whether to sell to you or not

Porygon Z Banpresto, like new, has head string and tush tag- $20

Drapion, Lucario, Buizel Jakks, Drapion is in good condition, Lucario is okay condition, Buizel is a bit beat up- $1, $2, $0.50

Bayleef, Scizor, Golduck Tomys, all in loved condition, Scizor is in worst condition- $1, $3, $0.50

Sceptile, Marshtomp, Larion Hasbros, all in very loved condition- $0.25 each

Magmar, Electabuzz, Manaphy Zukan pieces, Magmar is missing tail flame- $0.50 each
Clear Tiny Ash- $0.15
Unknown Yamna Figure- $0.75

Blaziken Bath Salt(?) Figure, paint rubs/marks- $0.50
Pichu V-Trainer, paint rubs/marks- $0.25
Celebi Bobble Head- $2

Blue Basculin MPC, no chain or hang tag- $1

Sandile and Zekrom Jakks- $0.50 each

Custom Pokeball Bracelet, used, made by herar (?)- $1.50

Reuniclus Tomy- $1
Victini Bottle Cap Figure, missing a finger- $1
Pokemon Red, has sharpie writing on back that says,"Fancy Cat I'm Pretty"... Me and my brother were stupid when we did that... Still works, internal battery is dry :( - $5 OBO I'm a bit attached.

Jolteon and Vaporeon Figures, Jolteon has some engravings but they're hard to make out- $0.75 ea (Close up of them here and one of Jolteon here)

Freebies- Take them away! (Vespiquen has no wings :x)

Thanks for looking!

P.S. If anyone has anything Klefki related for sale, or any news about Klefki merch, please let me know because I don't think poor Klefki has anything yet :c
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