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Multi purpose post: Gets, Question, and Lot ebay sale. (Word/Image heavy)

I had a couple of items arrived to me.
A grail get from Ebay and another from: baconscreation
So thank you both very much! I just love adding onto my collection. Hehe.

Oh, this post is about my recent gets, fixing question, and 2 selling lots (I hope I priced it right).
Warning: picture and text heavy. I thought my other post were a lot but this one took awhile: many cuts. x3

So after waiting forever for a good price for this plush; I saw this and bought her right away.
She was shipped Monday and arrived Wednesday morning.

Here is the big bubble mailer she arrived in. I'm surprise it wasn't a box.
So Eevee, Dragonite, and of course Togekiss are going to open it.

Dragonite: "Togekiss you open the right side; I'll open the left. Vee you hold down the package."
Vee and Togekiss: "YES!"

-Starts to open-
Dragonite takes a peek!

Vee moves in closer and Togekiss moves to the side a bit and Dragonite is starting to peek in.
Dragonite: "Let me see what we got here."
Vee jumps up closer: "What is it!?"

Dragonite, Togekiss and Vee: "AHH!"
-New plushie is crawling out-
New plushie: "YAY: I'm almost out!"

A moment of silence.
New Eevee: "Hello everyone!"
Dragonite, Togekiss, and Vee chime in: "HELLO!"

Here is a better shot. My new: 16" Lying Eevee UFO Catcher plush. I just love her to bits. <3

Little did I know she had a little damage; but I still gave them 100% good feedback.
I'm a little sad but oh well. -I finally got the Eevee, YAY! :D

And it keeps getting BETTER!

TADA: I always thought about buying them. And thanks to her I finally did. <3

Hehe I like to say: COOORRRPHISHHH.
My twin brother smiled when I flashed him in the face and said his name funny, so Corphish is approved. I must say I always wanted him; and if anyone else is considering about getting him I say: GO FOR IT! He is so adorable and totally worth it. x3

I love Houndour and Houndoom; even if he is a bootie I still love him.
My goodness he looks and feels amazing! *o*

-Too bad they only have 2 plushies and that is of Houndour. /ends rant.

Would anyone know of any good sewing place in KY: I have 2 plushies that require a small fix;
and would they fix plushies with those sort of injuries? I'm not sure how to word it.

+ I have 2 pokemon lot plushies I am selling on Ebay; + 2 plushies alone.
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

Here is plush lot 1. Starting bid: $80 BIN: 105. shipping: $13.80
It has 6 Eevee items, Lucario, Sentret, and Piplup plush.

This is Plush lot 2. Starting bid: $65 BIN: 84.50. shipping: $13.80
It has: 3 Eevee items, Staraptor, Kyogre, Roserade, Blitzle, and a Pikachu plush.
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