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offers and sales

Hello everyone,
I recently bought a lot of pokemon.
Turns out that they are all pokemon changeable plush.
I've put some of them plush up for offers. (:
So do check it out!
Also, some are really used so they are starting at a low price. (:

Basic rules!

  1. Sales permission was granted entirelyclinched on 27 July 2013!

  2. My feedback can be viewed here!

  3. Prices are in USD and do not include shipping or any fees.

  4. Shipping prices starts from $3 and increases according to weight.

  5. Shipping for plush starts from $5!

  6. Tracking cost an additional $2! (highly recommended)

  7. Singapore Post is slow and takes between 2-4 weeks to arrive.

  8. I have a very pet-friendly home, but they stay away from the items.

  9. Please ask for a quote if not committing!

  10. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me if you're not interested! (:

  11. Priority will be given to the person who commits first.

Shipping may take up to a month to US due to the Polar Vortex.
The post office has posted that all shipping will be delayed.
So please only purchase/offer if you're comfortable with the wait.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused! ):

Pokemon_Icon__Shinto896_by_Quechnitlan-----------Start shopping!----------Pokemon_Icon__Shinto896_by_Quechnitlan

Kalos Starters 3DS cover
Brand new
$20 obo


Xerneas Clear File
Brand new in plastic
$8 OBO


2002 McDonald's Phanpy
Rare version.
Has a bendable nose, in really good condition.
$15 OBO


Clefairy-Clefable Plush
In used condition. Tushtag is intact but faded.


Marill & Togepi Kutakutas
In very good condition.
Both tushtag and hangtag available.
Hangtag is detached as shown - no creases!
$25 each OBO


Rumble U figures
Litwick (2x) and Jirachi (2x) as shown.
Brandnew in bag!
$4.50 each
2 for $8


Pokemon TFG
Zangoose (black/white base), Chimchar and Tauros.
In good condition!
$4 each
Buy all at $15!


Plusle and Minun Stamper Keychain
Brandnew as shown. Box has a little damage.
$5 OBO

Pokemon Pencil Toppers
Swellow, Phanpy, Deoxys and Mudkip.
In good condition!
$3 each
Buy all pencil toppers at $10


Authentic TOMY figures

Pidgey has a broken tail that was pasted back using UHU glue.
Eggsecutor has his leaf broken off and was pasted back using UHU glue.
UHU glue is NOT superglue. It can be easily removed and reglued.
Feel free to request for more pictures/ engravement picture.

$3 each except pidgey and eggsecutor ($1.50 each)
3 for $8

Available: Pidgey, Eggsecutor, Primeape, Mankey
Poliwag, Vileplume, Tangela, Porygon, Metapod, Sunflora
Butterfree, Doduo, Togepi, Mr Mime, Seadra,
Clefairy, Ekans, Poliwrath, Fearow, Igglybuff


Overall good condition!
$1 each

Available: Delcatty, sunkern, marill, bellossom, masquerain,
poocheyena, chansey, budew, raticate


Take as many as you want!
It may increase shipping.
Gone: pikachu, turtwig, bellossom




  1. Bids should be in $1 increments

  2. There is no time limit for offers

  3. They will NOT be posted in box. (It's too costly D: )

  4. All sales rules apply!

Poliwhirl, jigglypuff and charmander starts at $3.
Squirtle and bulbasaur starts at $5.

Poliwhirl is good condition. Just has some 'scratches' on the eyes.
Jigglypuff's hair is detached, a simple reattachment can be easily done.
Charmander is in very used condition. It's eyes are 'cracked'.

Squirtles are all in good condition.
Bulbasaur's condition is the best.

They all change to pokeballs and have their tushtags.


Thank you for viewing~~!
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