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Recent Gets and Wants - The Search Keeps Rolling!

Hello All!

Hope you had a great week! I've gotten several packages over the past week or so (many from awesome community members!), and my collection has grown in a way where I had to reorganize my shelves! Take a peek (hope I'm inserting the photo at the correct size, first time posting an image ^^)!

Collection Update!

My new Canvas Vulpix, my Arcanine figure and little Vulpix are from haybuddyy
Leafeon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Flareon, Groudon, Jolteon and (not seen) Darkrai (for my fiancee) are from dtrain4eva
Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Raichu and Zorua are from knoka
Eevee egg, reversible happy pikachu and (not seen) Eevee folder are from slatis
Mudkip and (not seen) Squirtle, Munchlax and Kyogre (for my fiancee) are from pikaball27

Thank you guys so much!

You can see some of the newer additions to my collections, the oldest ones are my super old (I believe from first release) Eevee and Jolteon (that unfotunately no longer have their hanging tags).

I'm updating my wants, I'm still avidly searching for these guys, any help/hints/points in the right direction are appreciated!

-(any year) Eevee pokedoll w/hang tag and tush tag -ON ROUTE!
-(any year) Vaporeon pokedoll w/hang tag and tush tag
-(any year) Espeon pokedoll w/hang tag and tush tag
(these above three seem so hard to find! any help would be great as it would complete my line of Eeveelutions!)
-Growlithe Canvas (prefer with hanging tag and tush tag if possible)-ON ROUTE
-(any year) Marill pokedoll
-DX Eevee UFO Plush (prefer HQ one, but really love these guys) - BOTH HQ AND NORMAL MINKY VERSION ON ROUTE!
-Laying Down UFO/HQ Eevee (not sure if released yet, will want one as soon as available!) - COORDINATED!
-2012 Standing Eevee pokedoll -ON ROUTE
-2012 Standing Umbreon pokedoll -ON ROUTE
-UFO Laying down Eevee plush
-Eevee tissue box cover (not sure what to call it!)

I'm also open to looking at any Eevee/Eeveelution merch!

Also, some fun wants (basically, wants my fiancee happened to mention!)
- Pokeball/ foam/stress ball - not sure who makes them, but I'd like to try and find as many as possible to complete a set :) any help would be great! -GREAT BALL AND POKEBALL ON ROUTE!
- Mewtwo pokedoll (the new one)
- Zekrom pokedoll
- Reshiram -ON ROUTE !
- Yveltal pokedoll (the newest release!)
- Pancham

Thanks for looking guys! Look forward to expanding my collection even further!
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