Kody (pommefield) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Member introduction!

Hi! Guys!

My name is Kody and I'm from Brazil. I'm a long time collector and I also have been lurking in this community for long time. I have bought some really good stuff here, but just recently I thought it was a good time to get off the shadows and say an a official hi and become active.

I played pokemon games since Red and since and back then I started collect pokemon merchandise. I also collect pokemon games and pokemon manga (adventures only).

I'm not that organized collector, I usually buy stuff randomly when I think is cute and also, but nowadays I started to collect pokemon plushies. Here is my collection so far:

I bought the majority of then in a trip to New York on Nintendo World cause here in my country they are so expensive. I also have some from Japan, but mostly they are from Black/White.

I also like Human trainers figures and recently I bought an N figure also. I think it's sad cause there is so little merchandise of trainers in general.

Recently my friend gave me his huge collection of pokemon trading cards. It's not my thing collecting this, but I found those cards so cute, and his collection was really antique (He played since the 150's and stopped in the middle of Hoenn time, so there is some sweet cards in there). I really need to catalogue everything later for maybe in the future thinking in trade or sell it.

I don't have a main collection, but my priority right now is Giratina, cause it's my favorite pokemon.

I'm looking for plushies, especially from his alternate form. If you have any in a reasonable price, and you are willing to sell it and ship overseas, just tell me please! Also, if you have something Giratina themed I can also take a look as well.

For now, I'm also can be interest in tiny totodile plushies, skitty and aipom.

I'm also looking for a sylveon cellphone strap, but I'm having no lucky in finding it, also.
Thanks Everyone!
Tags: introductions, plush
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