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Want to buy: Jirachi goods and a collection update!

So, I recently bought a new bookshelf because I had wayyy too much Pokemon stuff, and I keep getting more and more!  I got a new box today from Japan with some awesome gets, and I decided today was the day to reorganize everything!  It was a lot of work and I'm exhausted, but it looks amazing!  My collection is no longer all jumbled up.   Not everything is here, but I'm quite happy with what I got to fit on here with out looking too messy and stuff.


My Umbreons! :D
Espeons <3
My major collection of Mews, with the newly bathed 2007 Pokecen Mew plush! <3
I got a Cherrim canvas today!  I didn't realize how tiny it was, but I'm in love!  Cherrim is so cute~  I also got a clear Cherrim kid in my lot, too!
Oooh~  Absol, Absol.  I got quite a few new things.  I got the huge Absol Tomy (isn't it like DX or something?  I don't know terminology lol), a few figurines (I think one is the bath salts one, a bottle cap figurine, a Kaiyodo bottlecap, and random other kids and stuff from auctions.)  I also got this awesome lot from YJ which was a promo for Jirachi: Wishmaker.  I love the fan!  It also came with a drawing board, and a whole bunch of stickers with Absol, Jirachi, and Flygon. <3  Grr, the shiny kid eludes me.  If anyone/anyone who knows anyone who is willing to sell it, please let me know!  I'm willing to give a pretty penny for it, along with the dex figure.
MY PRECIOUS DRAGON BABY.  Aaaaah.  The collection hasn't grown too much.  If you have any Flygon merch to sell, let me know please! <3
ROSELIAAAA. <3  I just got the Torchic and Roselia thing and it's perfect~ Drew and May is canon everybody can go home now
I also got the Tomy! :D  I forgot to put the dex figure up there.  Whoops.
I'm sad that Ralts doesn't have too much merch. :(
Tiny Charmander collection and a Floon~

I also did my first attempt at a plush washing. It's not completely dry in this picture. My Mew from 2007 was extremely dirty.   It's been on my bed every day, and I never realized how dirty it was until I put it up to my other Mew plush.  I found a set of instructions here, and now Mew is almost as good as new!  A few strands came undone during the delicate wash, but it was nothing too major that a needle and thread couldn't fix! It's not quite 100 percent fluffy yet, but I think it'll get there soon.  I use a soft brush on its fur and it helps fluff it right up!
So, I can't help it!  I've fallen in love with Jirachi.  Recently I acquired a bunch of Absol and Flygon stuff that was promo from the Wishmaker movie, and I can't help but think Jirachi is absolutely adorable.
Does anybody have things they're willing to part with?  I'm looking for kids, the Jirachi pokedoll, Pokemon Time strap/file, and whatever else you are willing to offer. <3
Thank you!
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