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I desperately need to reclaim my storage space, so I'm listing a bunch of Pokemon Center merch for sale! Today, this primarily includes Eevee things. I have multiples of most of the items pictured, so I will check stock even if something you're interested in has already been asked about! If I don't have it in one of the bags I already pulled out, I can offer to shoot you a comment if I find it in a subsequent cabinet later on before listing it for sale, but unfortunately cannot destroy my apartment (moreso than I did already) looking for things tonight. ;_;

Let me know if prices are wonky; all I had to go from was undercutting ebay. I WILL (without exception!) undercut any online stores! The blanket, pillow, pouch, stamps, and Fukuoka release pillow (that's for some reason not in the preview) are for auction here! Everything else is a straight sale.

Please do not PM me about sales! PM pages have not been loading for me. :/ Also, all pictures are cickable to larger versions!

Sales permission granted by denkimouse in April 2010. Feedback is here.

Sales terms:

1. Prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees unless "shipped" is specified.

2. Shipping is from APO worldwide. Default methods are First Class Mail for U.S. orders and Japan post for international locations. If your item is too big for First class Mail, it will be sent Priority. International orders of >$30 must either use USPS First Class International (which costs a few dollars more than Japan post), or upgrade to EMS shipping through Japan post.

3. Priority goes to committed purchases! If you're concerned about potentially losing out because of time zones and such, feel free to ask for a quote with a conditional commitment, such as "How much will Item X be to Y country? Committed if it's less than $15."

4. Shipping quotes will be happily provided.

5. I use my best judgement when determining how to package items - when I give you your shipped total, I will specify whether or not that includes a bubble mailer, a box, or a sturdy PC bag if you previously expressed no preference. Please advise of any desired changes at that time.

6. I'll happily leave feedback when the items have arrived!

7. I have a cat-friendly home. Everything was carefully stored, but just be aware.

8. Payment plans/delayed payments can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Feedback will be taken into account.

9. Haggling will be considered if my prices are too high, so please let me know!

10. I will retain proof of shipment (a stamped customs form and detailed receipt), but cannot refund/replace lost/damaged mail. Please upgrade your shipping/purchase insurance if you are concerned, or if your post office is prone to derping with mail.

11. Payment is due within 24 hours of invoice unless otherwise negotiated.

MWT Eeveelutuion PC Plush

Umbreon - $35
Jolteon - $30
Flareon - $25
Leafeon - $35
Vapreon - $35
Eevee - $35
Espeon - $25
Glaceon - $35

MIP Mini-Eeveelution Pokedolls

$15 each

MIP Eeveelution Place mat/coaster sets

$20 each

Other plush:

MWT Tomy Umbreon Plush - $20
MWT Tomy Leafeon Plush - $15
Mint Growlithe Canvas w/ CREASE IN TAG - $50 SOLD

Edit: Added-on items!

MWT 1/1 Froakie plush - $75 shipped in U.S., $85 shipped anywhere else
MWT Sylveon Pokemon Center plush - $18 shipped in U.S., $21 shipped anywhere else
MWT Pikachu/Eevee cushion - $56 shipped in U.S., $61 shipped anywhere else
MWT 1/1 Eevee plush (new release) - $59 shipped in U.S., $64 shipped anywhere else

MIP lottery figures - $14 shipped in U.S., $17 shipped anywhere else (+2 for tiny box instead of mailer)
Mint Eevee tin - $35 shipped in U.S., $40 shipped anywhere else
MIP Eevee mansion wallet - $33 shipped in U.S., $36 shipped anywhere else
MIB Rainbow series Pikachu plush - $30 (will need box if buyer doesn't want the box flattened)

MIP Pikachu blanket/pillow case - $43 shipped in U.S., $46 shipped anywhere else
Mint Eeveelution cups - $15 shipped in U.S., $19 shipped anywhere else (+2 for box instead of mailer)
MWT Massive Shiny Magikarp - $165 shipped in U.S., $231 shipped anywhere else
Tags: auction, eevee, eeveelution, espeon, flareon, froakie, glaceon, growlithe, jolteon, leafeon, magikarp, oshawott, pikachu, plush, sales, snivy, sylveon, umbreon, vaporeon
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