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Small re-organization. Plus, updated wants list. :)

Hello everyone!

After doing small collection weeding, I reorganized my plush! I like to do this every now and then since I like organizing, lol, and I somewhat get tired of looking at them eh same ol' way. I'm still in the rainbow colored theme, as usual, along with some shelves with Pokemon that are my main collection. After a day or so, I went to the local Walgreens for my usual groceries. I came across the Christmas clearance section, with everything 75% off! So I HAD to grab some of these really cute LED lights that have tinsel in them! So, on the way home with my awesome goodies, I thought about lining my 2 main shelves with them! And boy, did it come out cute!

I was in a rush taking pictures, so I didn't really get to take the time to show you the lights. ;__; *ashamed* but! alas! there is always next time! Click the cut to see pictures!

I know you can't really tell where the lights are, and I'm sorry. D: but look closely!

With the lights like this, my baby enjoys them when he goes to sleep at night. His crib is basically under these shelves, so when we put him into bed at night, I can turn on the lights, and dim the main light, and he goes ga-ga over the pretty sparkleys! So, it was a win win situation! XD

Ahhhhhh, my usual Skitty shelf. I have a DX Skitty on the way, so when she gets here, I'm going to have to show her off. Hehe.

I recently just aired these MIP Growlithe and Arcanine Tomys! Hooray!

And, of course, Dom the Houndoom, and the rest of the gang. C:

(As I type this on my ipad, I realize that I forgot to snap a picture of my Venusaur shelf. -_____- stupid me. I'll include that in my next collection update, heh heh.)

And that's it! :D

Also, I've updated my wants post! Please take a look, and help me knock some items off of it! XD

Click the banner or here to go! C:

Some new things I'm wanting is that Poketch watch and the Arcanine marble case! XD and of course, everything else. Let me know what you might have, or know someone that might have something on that list.

Thanks everyone! 'Til next time! :*
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