princesspichu (princesspichu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Help?! .___.

Hello comm!
While I was looking up Mew cards I stumbled across this cutie!

and then I discovered this one!

And after some digging around, I found out that these are the newest promos for the Legendary Treasures set!
I've watched some blister pack openings on Youtube, and everyone seems to be in the UK. I saw that on a UK website they had both for sale, but were out of stock.
I'm not sure if these are only available overseas or what, but I've looked for these EVERYWHERE and have found nothing :<

My big question is, has anyone seen these anywhere in the US or even overseas? I've checked all Targets, Walmarts, Toys R Us, even local card shops, but it seems like every place is still recovering from the holidays and haven't really restocked anything new so I figured I should ask on here and see if anyone has any information about these :]

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years :}
I also plan on doing an update soon since my wonderful Japan package has arrived ^_^
Until then~♥
Tags: cards, eevee, mew, wanted
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