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Can anyone make a Pidgey/Pidgeot plush?

Hey guys!

Just got back from the Pokemon Video Game Regionals in Virginia yesterday. What fun!! :)

I had my faithful Hasbro Pidgeotto plush with me, but seeing everyone else with their most recent higher quality plushies really makes me want to have a more accurate Pidgeot. I was wondering if anyone here takes or knows of someone who takes plushie commissions?

Basically, I'd like a plush version as close to looking like this as possible:

However, I do think I'll ask for Pidgeot rather than Pidgey, though the two are so similar I wonder if there's a way to make a base plush with interchangeable "hair" and tail feathers? But that might be getting to complicated... :P

So basically I'm wanting a high-quality, accurate looking Pidgeot plush. Doesn't have to be big - just wanting it to be around 6 inches or so, and preferably made out of minky fabric. I'll be willing to pay a good price for it (nothing RIDICULOUS though since it's only 6 inches). As far as I know, poor Pidgeot NEVER got an official plush release (outside of that "mirage" prototype that was possibly from Play By Play) so I'd really love to find someone who can do the great bird justice. :)

Please post here or message me. Thanks so much! :)
Tags: custom, pidgeot, pidgeotto, pidgey, plush
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