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Collection pic, and questions

I finally managed to get a pic of my plush collection.  It's not terribly big, but it seems to be growing by leaps and bounds now that I've found the comm.  (And now my wallet hates me.)  Pic and a question after the cut! (The third edit's the charm, it seems...)


Right now they live on a pile of boxes next to my bike rack (which is not ideal, but it's a small apartment), along with the stuffed tiger.  Don't mind him. (DX Umbreon is clearly not happy about my taking the picture, either.)

I have a question--more a survey, really--for all of you.  Do you collect a particular (or several particular) Pokemon?  As many members of a generation as possible?  A specific type of merch (Tomy figures, for example)?  If you collect particular Pokemon, do you try to find as much as possible, or do you pick and choose based on what you find appealing (say, plush A is cuter than plush B so you buy plush A and don't bother with B)?  If you have "useful" items like keychains or stationery. clear files, etc in your collection, do you use them or simply display them?  Do you unpack your figures or plush if they came with packaging for display, or do you leave them sealed?

I think I'm going for a couple particular Pokemon or evolution lines (Umbreon, Charmander/Charizard, Bulbasaur/Ivy and Vaporeon, with Magikarp/Gyarados, Espeon, Arbok and Sandshrew/Sandslash, because of merch reasons (non-starter/non-Pikachu/non-Eeveelution first-gen merch is hard to find these days, it seems) or because I'm not as attached to it),  I also like picking up merch (individual plush, particularly cute figures, etc) of other Pokemon.  I mostly go for merch that's particularly cool/cute/whatever, especially when it comes to plush. (I look at faces for plush toys of all sorts, and I'm kind of picky...)  My other line is collecting the cards for the original 150, preferably the original sets (Base, Fossil, Jungle and Team Rocket), though for the sake of my wallet I'm quite happy with the series 2 Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur!

I have some clear files on the way. and I'm not sure whether or not I want to use them for their intended purpose, so I wanted opinions.
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