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Okay, intro post.

I've been only intensively watching this group for a short while, really. Still an active member at pokemon, but I feel like I ought to post what little I have. At the moment, though, I've got one thing on my mind: Gachapon charms! I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for these things. I've got a decently sized collection of them (But by no means huge). ANYWAYS, I'm interested in Gachapon trades. The oh-so-awesome ashketchumgirl gave me one of the Pokemon lunch boxes today because my local Target didn't have them. (I got the Pokeball design, yay!). Anyways, the gachapon toys they gave me with it? Two Lugia. I'm cool with one, but really don't think I need two.

Moving on toward the point, I'm specifically interested in making a sort of a Gachapon Trade type thing. People post the ones they have and the ones they want, and vice versa, arranging trades! Anybody interested?

Right, HM01 will hide a photo of some I've accumulated, as well as their status. Most of these are up for trades, too. :3 I'd be looking forward to that!

Clockwise from the top right:
-Autobot JAZZ from the Transformers movie. Don't know why I have this one. I was hoping for something uh.. Not so much like this one? It's rubber and the inside is a little car. Sorta like those Winnie the Pooh toys they have *Yes, not Pokemon, but it's just there.
-Eeyore hiding in Piglet's skinned remains a la Silence of the Lambs. I got this one at Anime Expo in the dealer's room in a grab-bag gachapon type thing. The concept is creepy. *Also not Pokemon.

-Drifblim, one of my more recent ones. I still rather like this one.
-Pikachu, from series 4, I think. I forget. I'm pretty sure that's the only one I have. I might have another.
-Turtwig, I have about three of these total. One is on my DS.
-Palkia, smaller than the one from the stylus promos, but such a similar figure, it's hard to wonder if they ever designed another pose for him. It. Whatever.
-Mantyke, not exactly a favorite of mine.
-Buizel. This one was one of my favorites. I'd be happy to find more. I carried it on my phone a while, but its tail would always get hooked on phone lines and lock cables at work. XP Now he has some missing paint. And yes, he's a he. He has two spots on his back.
-Jirachi. This one is definitely in my top. I kept it on my phone for the longest time. Poor thing lost one of his tail things. And needs a paint retouch SEVERELY.
-Solrock. This one.. I actually got overseas. I'm fairly sure it's not an official charm. It still looks nice, though.
-Riolu, like all Riolu charms I had, I loved it, but the arm kept falling off.Sad times.
-Weavile, also I got overseas. I like the pose. Always cool. Probably bootleg or something.
-Empty charm
-Mitzi, from Animal Crossing. It's just cute. ^^;
-And finally, on my phone, which is also current, the symbol for the Water tribe. Yes, from Avatar. The plastic disk was obtained at Fanime2008. I had one by the same person for the World Ends with You, but lost it one day in a Target. ;.;

So.. That's what I have. I'd be happy to find more Buizel or Jirachi charms. What Gachapon charms do you guys have? :3
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