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Large Plush in US Arcades

S'up guys; long time no post!

I remember there was a post not too long ago about some small pokemon plush starting to show up in claw machines in US arcades. But was there a post about the large ones that have started to show up?

gearpony and I were browsing the mall yesterday and, as we passed the arcade that normally just has the typical Carebear and Shrek fare, an unexpected fire-monkey butt pressed against the glass caught my eye. Huge pokemon plush? In my arcade? Apparently it's more likely that I thought!

After deciding to try my typically horrid luck at chance games, I ended up breaking the claw machine after it ate my quarters and refused to move. Though rather than refunding the two bucks in quarters after sticking an 'out-of-order' sign on the machine, the staff let me pick whatever plush I wanted from the pile. I picked up Croagunk <3.

Here's a size-relation pic comparing it to an average sized house cat.
Large Croagunk

Croagunk is about 17" in height. According to the 2008 catalog on the company's site ( there are several other pokemon like Bulbasaur, Chatot, and hyoooge 36" Piplups available. We only saw the large Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, and Croagunk, but I hold out the hope that Mantyke will show up soon.

The website has a catalog PDF for download, but since I had issues opening it, here's a screenshot just in case others have problems with it too. A couple are a bit deformed, but the rest are pretty good in comparison to the junk poke-plush we usually get in the US!

vending machine plush
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