baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

bootleg group auction totals

Hi guys! I forgot to mention that we won the bootleg kids lot. Here are the people who reserved and here's what you owe. We had 13 reserved (including mine), so considering paypal fees that's $1.75 each! They're just kids, so shipping will be another $1.50 for all of you (yes, even internationally). Here are your totals with shipping included!

iammyworld: Spheal, Larvitar: $5
staraptor: Rattata: $3.25
shiny_vulpix: Lugia, Rayquaza: $5
bergunty: Charizard: $3.25
mamoswine: Jigglypuff: $3.25

emurii: Tangela: $3.25
sora_no_kokoro: Minun: $3.25
heenz: Pikachu: $3.25

My paypal is!

Thanks, as soon as I get $20 in payments I'll go ahead and pay for the items. Now I bought them from ectransfer and he can take up to a month to get items to me, so... give it a few weeks. Thanks everyone involved!
Tags: group auction
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