smalldog_jr (smalldog_jr) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Wants post :)

few wants I am looking for :)
I am looking to buy a Franco and sons Voltorb bath toy if anyone has let me know!
Also looking to buy Electrode kid cheap if possible
Looking also for the electrode and voltorb toys that look like bouncy balls or foam balls
Also looking for Haunter items, Japanese Gary Oak Figure
Also looking to buy Jakk zubat plushes to tie to my ceiling fan and celing for decoration, cheap if possible, I been wanting to decorate my room with zubat jakks plushies because they would looks awesome dinging from my ceiling and ceiling fan, so far I have 3, I want to at least get about 14 of them to complete my zubat vision and dream!
Also looking for Voltorb or electrod bowling stuffed animals
Tags: electrode, haunter, voltorb, wanted, zubat
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