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Multipurpose Update + Looking for Custom Artists

Hiya! Hope everyone's having a good year so far! ^^
I received a FJ box yesterday and figured I have received enough stuff for a mini multipurpose update.
Also, I'm looking to get a custom or two done. I'd like something featuring the Pokemon Conquest Riolu sprite. A charm would be ideal but I'm open to anything.

Got a new card. Getting closer to having at least one of every card (not counting holos and reverse holos). This little side quest moves slowly because I only really buy cards when there's a break in items.

A very nice shoulder bag. I really love the use of blues here. I'd love a bookbag or messenger bag with this design.

Dice. Got this from the community but no idea who sold it to me.

Pokeball Keychain. Also from the community.

A very nice sticker booklet from em_lemon I believe. Sorry about the glare, I tried. ;-;

New plushies. I finally got the US 2005 pokedoll. Just one more until I have one of every release.

Pokebox Keychain and Ruler. <3

Three new doujinshi. So happy I got these! Specifically the first one. It was the main one I was after for a good while.

Not one, but TWO PBH mugs! These are way smaller than I thought they were. Like Jr. Coffee mugs. xD
I was going to put a plush in one of them when I finally got my display but that's not gonna happen. Maybe PokeMomo can fit. Maybe.

Some pins. One of them is by purplekecleon. I also bought an Eevee and two Riolu pins from them.

A new handkerchief. There was supposed to be two (the other one was a Pokemon Battle Heroes handkerchief) but it had stains on it. It bothers me too much so it will be for sale.
Slightly disappointed in that regard, but the lot was really cheap so it's not that bad.

Some random nametag thing.

A frisbee. I wish Lucario stood out more on this. Why they didn't stick with white is beyond me.

A popcorn bucket. Not gonna lie, I mostly wanted this for the strap. In fact, I had already bought one without the strap and then bought this one just to get it.

Lastly, another small bag that's slightly different than the one I previously showed.
It's nearly double the size! Well not quite, but it's bigger!

Huge thanks to people who sold me stuff. <3

I've added extras to my sales post here. ->

And my wishlist. ->
My main wants at the moment are a MWT standing Jakks Riolu, MWT 2005 JAP Riolu pokedoll, any Yokohama promo items that I'm missing (tin, pokecen bag, notebook, possibly pencil board), and the Riolu PokeCen bag.
For the Jakks I have an extra MWT Mystery Dungeon Riolu I can trade. For the pokedoll I have an extra MWT 2007 JAP Riolu pokedoll I would be willing to trade.

Very minor wants not listed there are a Riolu canvas and 2009 JAP Riolu pokedoll as I already have these, but would like two of them for reasons. As such, I'm not looking to pay a lot for them. The canvas doesn't need to have a tag.

That's it! I'll have another mini update in about a month or two and after that the big update will come.
Tags: lucario, sales, wanted
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