xeeveex (xeeveex) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Help w/ Major Wants : Vaporeon, Espeon & Marill Pokedolls

Evening community! Hope you have had a great week! I've gotten some awesome gets but I'm waiting on a few more packages to arrive before I take some photos. Gets include Eevee-wonder and a pouty but cute Reshiram pokedoll (but that's not all!).

I'm really narrowing down my search to my top wants currently, I'm hoping someone out on the community might be able to point me in the right direction - a sales post, offers or auction post, maybe even a member weeding their own collection? Who knows! Regardless of tactic I'm very appreciative with anyone who can help me reach my current ultimate grail (finishing the line of eeveelutions as their pokedoll selves) and getting a pokedoll of a certain blue Pokemon I loved using in the game!

Some info about me:
- I'm really great and fast with communication!
- I can do money orders or Paypal IF I'm invoiced using the merchant invoicing system through PayPal, I like issuing payment ASAP!
- prefer to do US sales (just as I'm anxious and don't want to have any risks losing guys in the mail) BUT I will consider origins of these guys from various places, just let me know estimate shipping timeframes? <3
- I <3 Pokemon :)

- Vaporeon pokedoll (would really like to get with hang and tush tag if possible, year does not matter to me!)
- Espeon pokedoll (same as above, hoping for hanging and tush tag, any year!)
- Marill pokedoll (prefer hanging tag and tush tag, but will consider pokedolls with no hang tag as well! I might even consider getting a couple as I love this little fellow <3)

Thanks for your time everyone! Hope to make some deals soon!
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