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New Con gets, new displays, Swag Goodness inside!

Hello Pkmncollectors! I have been up to a ton the last couple weeks starting with attending my local convention named Otakon Vegas and then driving to Los Angeles for Anime Los Angeles! Much cosplay was done and merch was picked up and a  new Sunyshore package also arrived! Let's begin!
Yesterday I put together a new display case to go perfectly in our room! It's chock full of Nintendo goodies!
Starting from the bottom, my Eevees finally have a roomier home!  This shelf is going to explode next year after finally visiting Japan :)
Next up on the shelf is Animal Crossing! I am happy to finally give this collection the space it deserves!
My girlfriend's collections! She now finally also has appropriate space for her favorite mons with Linoone being her all time fav! Our friend painted us the Linoone canvas as well as a Bulbasaur one for me in Green! Delibird rocks and she did an all Delibird run in Diamond lol. We both use Talonflame on our main teams and have bred too many Fletchling haha
NOW THIS..THIS is what I have anxiously waited to do is give the Poli collection a truly deserving display! Giant Pokemomo Poliwhirl rests on our main plush shelf!
SO MUCH SWIRL, WOW Poli love all day baby!The newest get in here is the Pokemon Green Poli line Postcard.
Mah Babies! The saurs have grown larger than the shelf can nearly hold! The ones on bottom are where my Eevees used to dwell but no longer!
The Pitapoke is new from Sunyshore and the XY Saur plush was given to me as a gift at Anime Los Angeles!
The Adorable metal custom Bulba charm in the bottom left corner was purchased at Otakon Vegas! It was too cute and awesome to pass up! My gf bought it for me as she watched me flip over how much I loved it! Excellent packaging and quality means a lot!
On top of the shelf lies a bunch of Mario baddies including all the newly released Koopa Kids and Bowser Jr! Bowser sure has his hands full! The rest of our Mario collection is in other parts of the house.

In other Pokemon news! I bought a new Pokemon Hoodie today and have been rocking it as I write to all you awesome collectors!
As a bonus, have a pic of my new Greninja Gijinka from Anime Los Angeles and my user pic! Everybody have fun and GET POKEMON!
greninja resize
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