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Fridays will be my new posting days. This is the day I will typically ship my items as well.
All orders from last week were shipped today.

Recieved sales permission: 19 October 2013 by entirelyclinched
My feedback is here:

 photo IMG_03171.jpg

 photo IMG_03151.jpg

 photo IMG_03161.jpg

Onix line:
Cards $1
Pogs $.50
Misc $.75

Card Board Stand - $3
VHS - $3.50
Steelix Kids - $2.50

Whole Lot: Make Offer

 photo IMG_03091.jpg

Cards- $1


 photo IMG_07101.jpg

All $1.50!~

Sold: Wooper x1

 photo IMG_07091.jpg
All $3~

Sold: Blastoise, Venasaur

 photo IMG_06901.jpg
All are in good condition and will be washed upon request (may delay shipping)-$3 :)
Sold: Mewtwo, Ivysaur

 photo IMG_06891.jpg
All are in good condition and will be washed upon request (may delay shipping)-$2

 photo IMG_06881.jpg
$1 each (right pika is sold)

 photo IMG_07161.jpg
Pikachu plush - $1 (Has tail ripped off and a hole in the back), Jakks Sudowoodo Plush $2, Hasbro Spinda $10 SOLD

 photo IMG_06821.jpg

Blazekin, Charizard - $4
Raichu, Suicune - $3
Marshtomp, Mudkip, Torchic - $2
(Sold: Raichu)

 photo IMG_06861.jpg

Aggron, Blazekin, Blastoise - $2
Rest are - $1

Sold- Swampert, Mudkip

 photo IMG_06851.jpg
Everything is $2 (except for Mighty Beans of Dusclops, Azurmarill, and Latias(SOLD) and Plusle & Minun which are $1 (plusle and minun are a set so $1 for both :) ))
(Bouncer is sold!)

 photo IMG_06771.jpg
[Lot was bought from pikabulbachu and picture is used with permission]

Not For Sale: pikachu pokemon center sticker
Poke'mon center bag: $.75
Ultimate stickers: $.50 except for Lugia ($1)
Gastrodon (West) Kid Card - $.50
Mini stickers (mankey, bulbasaur, sudowoodo[chupa chups]) - $.50
Venasaur and Bulbasaur sticker - $.75
Caterpie amanda sticker - $2
Porcoro Dice Cards - Golem $.50, Rapidash $.75
Sticker lined at the bottom: (Told they are bootlegs)
All $.50
Sold: Caterpie, Mr.Mime, bootleg bulbasaur, Wailord, Totidile Bromide

 photo IMG_06771.jpg
Green cards (Machoke, Raichu, Pikachu, Bulbasaur) $.5 - except for Pika whom is a freebie because of some stain.
Holostickers - $.25 (Slowpoke) $.5 (Venasaur) $1 (Charizard *not pictured*)
Scene pictures *top* - $.50 for both
Half a scene - $.25
Snorlax sticker - $.50

 photo IMG_06791.jpg
$.25 - or freebies *one per order*

 photo IMG_06801.jpg
*bad picture I'm sorry ;_;*
Bootlegged (most likely since I got them at a fleamarket) metal pog things
Wormadam, Gulpin x2 - $.25
Regigigas, Magnemite- $.50
Electrike, Ponyta, Walrein, Agron - $.75

Sold: Electrike

 photo IMG_06811.jpg
Free with Purchase OR $.25 small - $.50 large
I'm not selling the sheet, but I'm selling magnets coming off the sheet!
Please ask which ones are available!

 photo IMG_06841.jpg
Charizard - $.75
Combusken - $.50
Regi group - $.50 each
Deoxys - $.75 each
Legendary birds (lugia, ho-oh, articuno, moltres, zapdoes) - $.75 each
Mewtwo, Mew - $.75 each
Rayquaza - $.75
Groudon, Kyrogue, Jirachi - $.75 each
Latias, Latious -SOLD
Entei, Raiku, Suicune- $.75 each
Celebi- $.75

 photo IMG_06911.jpg
Top two rows:
(Azurill, Mantine, Xatu, Aerodactyl, Dustox, chinchou, sharpedo, phanpy, kecleon)
$1 (except Dustox is a freebie because of ink stains)

Bottom three rows:
(Aracanine, Flygon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Manetric)
(Houndour, Absol, Seviper, Tyranitar, Salamance)
(Milotic, Zangoose, Skarmory)
All $1 except for Tyranitar and Salamance which are $2.

Sold: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Milotic, Manetric,

 photo IMG_07151.jpg
Psyduck lot $15

 photo IMG_07171.jpg
Eevee Poke'rom - $6 shipped

 photo IMG_07191.jpg
$5 shipped
Box is in bad shape and I think a card or two maybe missing. Still has guide book

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