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Plushie sales

I moved a little while ago, and my room is finally in some sort of order.  I had to get rid of some shelves, so I have a lot of plushies in storage that I decided to sell.

(last pic FAIL!)


  • I was granted sales permission on 09 December 2012 by entirelycliched

  • Here’s a link to my feedback:

  • All pkmncollectors rules apply.

  • I ship from Guatemala

  • I will include tracking on every item I ship.

  • I Will Not sell to anybody banned on pkmncollectors.

  • No transactions via PM

  • I have the right to refuse sale to anybody who I feel uncomfortable dealing with.

  • I only accept Paypal in USD

  • Prices do not include shipping prices or fees; ask for a quote for shipping.

  • Shipping starts at $5 for Norht and South America, and $7 for the rest of the world, for 1 or a few small plushies. larger plushies are more expensieve to ship

The plushies

Wishcash Pokedoll         -fabric tag  - a little dusty   $60  OBO
Butterfree Pokedoll        - fabric tag  - a little dusty  $90  OBO

Deoxys 2005 Pokesoll   - fabric tag 
Simisage MPC               -all tags    $6
Tornadus MPC               -all tags   $6

Turtwig tomy plush                             - fabric tag $10
Turtwig Jakks talking plush (works)    - fabric tag, a bit dirty  $8
Gengar hasbro plush                         - fabric tag $8
Charmander play by play plush         - fabric tags $10

Drilbur banpresto plush - fabric tag $8
Slowking tomy plush      - fabric tag
Riolu jakks plush           - fabric tag $8
Torkoal hasbro plush    - fabric tag $8
Mantyke jakks plush     - fabric tag $2
Nidorina plush               - no tag $8
Bulbasaur plush           -both tags $5

Elekid  jakks plush              - no tag   $6
Poochyena hasbro plush    - fabric tag $10
Sudowoodo jakks plush      - fabric tag $4
Squirtle hasbro plush         - fabric and paper tags $4
Seel  applause plush         - fabric tag  $2
Bunneary jakks plush        -no tag  $3
Chimchar jacks plush         -no tag   $free
Tepig jakks plush               -no tag   $4

Mime jr. plush                      - no tag   $3
Cheruby jakks plush           -  no tag $4
Psyduck hasbro plush        -fabric tag $3
Snorlax plush                      - no tag   $3
Charizard plush                  - fabric tag
Raichu hasbro plush          - fabric tag fried  $3
Taillow plush                       - no tags  $2
Meowth jakks plush            - fabric tag  $5
Azurril reverse pokeball     - no tag   $3

Cherrim jakks plush           - fabric tag $5
shellos (blue) jakks plush  -fabric tag  $3
shellos (pink) jakks plush  -no tag
$3 (both shellos for 5)
Croagunk jakks plush        - no tags $2
Koffing hasbro plush          -fabric tag - dusty $3
Tentacool plush                  - no tag
Happiny plush                    - fabric tag  $ 4

Aipom jakks plush                      - fabric tag $4
Ralts jakks plush                        - fabric tag - dirty and stained, damaged
Manaphy jakks plush                 - fabric tag $3
small bonsly jakks plush            - fabric tag $2
Corphish hasbro plush              - paper tag - very dusty $3
Sandsdrew applause plush       - fabric tag $4
Machamp Burger King plush     - fabric tag  $4
Jiglypuff small keychain plush   - bad conditon fabric tag  $2
Mantyke small keychain plush  - fabric tag
Magikarp burger king               - no tags bad condition  $3

Mewtwo hasbro plush              -fabric tag - very used and dusty $free
Duskull jakks plush                  - fabric tag - dusty $5
Cherrim jakks plush                 - fabric tag $5
Uxie throw pokeball plush        - no tag  $4
Mesprit throw pokeball plush   -no tag
Plusle hasbro plush                 - fabric tag  -  very used $2
Zubat applause plush (KFC)   - fabric and paper tags $5
Gyarados hasbro plush           -fabric tag, very dusty  $5

Eevee hasbro plush                         - fabric and paper tags $8
Eevee hasbro plush                         - fried fabric tag   $5
Eevee tomy plush (fuzzy)                 - fabric tag  $20
Large Eevee play by play plush      - fabric tags $15
Medium Eevee play by play plush  - fabric tags - some threads from feet are missing

Large Jakks Palkia   - Fabric tag, had some damage and someone covered it with paint in the tail (Hardly noticeable, good repair job)

;o;  I love this chubby guy, I even forgot to take pictures with the others, but I don't have space for such big plushies and I got the small version a few days ago
Venusaur large Banpresto (towell fabric)  - Fabric tag  $60 OBO

If you have any question about the condition of the plush let me know ^^

Also I have some new bags in my Etsy shop, check them out

That's all for the moment :D  I have some tazos from my childhood in storage, I've been thinking about selling them D: they've been in a box for years, but I'm still a bit reluctant...

Have a great weekend
Tags: butterfree, charizard, charmander, corphish, deoxys, eevee, elekid, happiny, koffing, meowth, offers, palkia, ralts, riolu, sales, slowking, turtwig, uxie, venusaur, whiscash
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