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Sorry and Cards

My University started back up and with new classes, moving into my dorm, and arranging meetings for my exchange to Poland next year, I've been too busy to keep in touch with you guys :( I want to let you know that all of your packages have been sent except norkia because I'm an idiot and I forgot to bring the beedrill magnet from home >.< norkia, if you want, I can mail it to you sans the magnet and then mail you the magnet when I get back home for a break. I'll throw in some extras for being such an idiot >.<

I don't like making a post without some kind of update, so have my holo card collection, which is OLD OLD OLD :)

001.jpg picture by Twilmer
Surfing Pikachu, Eon Ticket, and Mewtwo from the VHS

002.jpg picture by Twilmer

All three of these are still in the wrapper. First edition Machamp, GBA Meowth, and a random Mewtwo Topps card from Blockbuster

003.jpg picture by Twilmer

Movie promos

004.jpg picture by Twilmer

PreRelease Dark Gyrados

005.jpg picture by Twilmer

DVD promos not photoed is the Mew from movie 8

006.jpg picture by Twilmer
Error Kakuna and some random promos

008.jpg picture by Twilmer

Typhlosion cards in three differant languages :)

009.jpg picture by Twilmer

Random Japanese cards

010.jpg picture by Twilmer

Holos, nothing impressive

011.jpg picture by Twilmer

More holos. Dark Magneton is 1st edition

012.jpg picture by Twilmer

Moro holos

014.jpg picture by Twilmer

Even MOAR holos

015.jpg picture by Twilmer

German Houndoom (HUNDEMON) and Italian Charizard I believe. The others are in English.

016.jpg picture by Twilmer

SGold bordered Meowth from Fruit Loops and a gold stamp Psyduck from a magazine. Also, Pokemon snap Pikachu card. I'm glad I kept mine :)

017.jpg picture by Twilmer

Close-up. I miss those little Pokemon snap print stations :(

019.jpg picture by Twilmer

More holos including holo promo Treecko and Torchic. My ex cards, Regirock and Electabuzz

close up of ex: http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj29/Twilmer/pokemon%20collection/cards/020.jpg

021.jpg picture by Twilmer


022.jpg picture by Twilmer

And my last page of holos.

Not bad for being out of the collector's loop for AGES now :)

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