Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Giant Tomy Figures GROUP AUCTION!

After conferring with rentorar, it has been decided that I will be the one bidding and running the group auction for the figure she posted earlier.


The figures are noted to be in good used condition, so there shouldn't be any worries about this. ^_^

This group buy will be done in a group auction fashion, since I strongly feel that a sure-fire way for us to win this is to have the most money to pool into the auction as possible. There are some extremely rare figures in this lot, and I'm sure a lot of people may fight for it.

As a group though, (and man, has this community done amazing things before!), I have little doubt in my mind that we can win this!

Bids will be accepted until 10 AM August 30th CST.

Please remember that by bidding you are consenting to buy, and will be expected to paypal me very quickly (within 24-48 hours) of the auction close since I will need to pay the seller. Shipping for these figures will be added on after the auction closes, since I will not figure that out until later.

Please bid to the according thread, and do not bid until I have put the thread up for the figure you want!

All are available except for: Articuno, Vulpix, Squirtle and Totodile.

Vulpix - lineaalba - $10 (will gladly pay more, though)
Articuno, Totodile and Squirtle - $30

Entei - Starts at $15
Suicune - Starts at $15
Raikou - Starts at $15
Moltres - Starts at $15
Zapdos - Starts at $15
Blastoise - Starts at $6
Skarmory - Starts at $10
Heracross - Starts at $5
Scizor - Starts at $6
Elekid - Starts at $5
Latias - Starts at $15
Latios - Starts at $15
Bellossom - Starts at $6
Maril - Starts at $5
Pichu - Starts at $5
Slowking - Starts at $8
Psyduck - Starts at $5
Jigglypuff - Starts at $5
Meowth - Starts at $6
Eevee - Starts at $6
Chikorita - Starts at $7
Cyndaquil - Starts at $8
Houndour - Starts at $12
Mew - Starts at $12
Mewtwo - Starts at $12
Charmander - Starts at $5
Pikachu - Starts at $5
Bulbasaur - Starts at $5
Togepi - Starts at $5

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