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My Plushie Project

Hey gais, long time no see. :D (Or at least it feels like it, I don't know. xD)

What I am posting here is what I call my plushie project. I'm sure you all know plushies are my favorite things because I talk about them all the time. xD

This is a showcase of some very ... specific or focused collections. They feature my five favorite Pokemon as you can see in my avatar. :3

Basically the goal is: UFO, Pokedoll, American Beanie, Friend Plush, Small American plush, Bell Plush.

I feel like I am close enough to completion for the collection to make the visual impact I wish it to make. ;D

MUNCHLAX: [Complete] - Smiling UFO, Pokedoll, Jakks Beanie, Bandai Pokemon Friends, Jakks Throw Pokeball Plush, Bell Plush (Custom)

SNORLAX: [Complete with Substitutions] - Feety UFO, Pokemon USA Plush (Placeholder for Pokedoll), Hasbro Beanie, Bandai Pokemon Friends, BK Plush (Placeholder for Applause Plush), Bell Plush

PIKACHU: [Incomplete] - Leafy UFO, MISSING POKEDOLL, Hasbro Beanie, Bandai Pokemon Friends, Applause Plush, Bell Plush

DRATINI: [Incomplete] - MISSING UFO, Pokedoll (Custom), KFC Beanie, Bandai Pokemon Friends, Applause Plush, Bell Plush

DARKRAI: [Incomplete] - UFO, Pokedoll, MISSING BEANIE (Does not Exist), Bandai Pokemon Friends, MISSING SMALL PLUSH (Does not Exist), Bell Plush (Custom)

I almost didn't include Darkrai, but he deserves to be included because he is one of my favorites. :)

So that's how far along I am. :D
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