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Awesome Gets and Mystery Pikachu!!

Hello again everyone!

Recently I've obtained a large box from SMJ with several new goodies that needed to be shared!! I've waited months for them to be stored in the US. So let's dive into the styrafoam ocean and take a peek, shall we?


Here's a preview!!


Well this is the biggest package that I've ever received from SMJ. Minus the small one on top. Gogoat is going to assist me with the smallest get ^^

Vaporeon Pokedoll from polahbear!! I've wanted a legit Japanese version for a long time. I have some ill feelings towards my old american version cause of the process in getting it. I love the bumps on her back, and she's super super soft!

Now it's time for the box!! Gah so many goodies I've kept in SMJ storage since November.

This GIANT Dedenne!! I fell in love with it at first sight!! It's so adorable, and bigger then I was expecting. What sold me was its curly long tail. He was in impulse, but no regrets.

Then I also got the Dedenne MPC. I couldn't resist him neither x3

A bit of a size comparison of the two. Giant Dedenne's ears are like satellite dishes.

Here's a shot of his curly tail. You can see a good idea of its length.

This tiny Change-to-pokeball lot. I've seen this relisted at Y!J on and on for years, and I admit I've watched it for a long time. They are cute <3

You can see they're not in the best condition. Koffing is a bit dirty (lol well justified, he is a poison type), Chansey is missing her limbs, and psyduck is a tad dirty.


Ahhhh this lot <33 THIS LOT!!!

I've kept my eye on it since it was posted on Y!J, mainly for one thing... The Poliwhirl Pokedoll! After watching it like a hawk all week, it's auction ended on Christmas morning, for wayyyy less then I was expecting!! It was like a Christmas miracle! I've finally knocked Poliwhirl pokedoll off of my wants list <333

The lot <33 Ahhhh....

Here's the lot. It contained some Digimon, and final fantasy stuff, and some blue raindrop. The seller even threw a mcDonalds Choboco (is that the name?) as a freebee, since it wasn't in the lot. It's cute though.

My pokedoll gets for today <333 I ADORE Poliwhirl so much!!

Chikorita is the 10th anniversary, so I'm gonna be keeping her x3 She's super soft! Funny how i have all minky versions of the grass type pokemon, and on top of that every 10th anniverary grass type starter.

MWT Whimsicott pokedoll. I'm not keeping this. My friend Sarah has interest in it, and I'll be selling it to her.

Other stuffs!! PokeCen Snivy, Cyndaquil canvas, and Snivy canvas. I plan to keep these. I've made a tiny canvas collection and the two newbies fit right in.

There's the smaller Bulbasaur and Cyndaquil Walkies. I'm really debating to trade them.... (I'm tempted to keep Bulba though, but I'd rather let them go to someone who will appreciate them more then me.)

The laying totodile beanie is adorable and soft! He's mint with tags too. Sarah will be buying him, since she wants to give it as a gift for her mom <3

I ADORE the Laying Glaceon plush!! He's a keeper!! He's chubby, and flat, but that's what makes him cute!!

These guys!


I only know that one of em is May's Bulba. I may let that one go.

I plan to keep Chikorita and Squirtle. Squirtle is MWT. Chikorita was MWT until I took it off xD; I love how her leaf lops over her head.

The rest!!!

... Sarash's keeping the Guilmon (he feels like velveeeet) and palmon. I'm keeping Veemon.

The rest... uhhh... what is that blue raindrop thingy?

All the gets I have obtained since my last update! Gogoat was from areica96's Nintendo World pickups!! I LOVE him!!

I put my Beheeyems on his back, and they ride around on him. (Unfortunately I don't have a pic... I'll throw it up on my Tumblr soon)

And the cute drawing on the bubble mailer that came with gogoat <33 I HAD to keep it!

My other gets which include the White Kyurem Rumble U figure and the Mini Manaphy pokedoll from pokemontrader

I've needed White Kyurem for a while, and I've been trying to obtain one of every mini pokedoll that I missed out on with the new years house last year.

These Blazikens aren't mine. I was middlemanning for my friend Sarah, and she wanted me to get her the PokeCen Mega Blaziken from sunyshore. Here it is side by side with her hasbro Blaziken.

Thanks for reading everybody!!!!

Oh one thing....

Before I go, I have one question.

I recently won this Pikachu Plush from SMJ weks ago... except... I dunno what kind of plush is it. Does anybody know what it is?

I've checked google and the PPP project, and found 0 results. If anybody know what kind of Pikachu plush this is, I'd really appreciate it!



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