Because ponies... (yaoi_queen) wrote in pkmncollectors,
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Expensive Ebay Finds/Just for Laughs

The most expensive Pachi plush I've ever seen!

He's back~~~~! Is it just me or is he asking for more this time? o_O

Okay, this one isn't expensive, just... um... odd. ^^; Guys, I think we have our first ever Poseidon Pokemon. *gasp* And, according to the seller, he comes in 5 different forms! XD Seriously, what happened with this listing?

Anybody rich enough for this "Dream Set" of Pokemon goods? ^^;

On a side note, would anybody be interested in an Articuno deck box in perfect condition? I have decided to sell it cuz I realize I have no use for it. ^^; I was thinking $4 for it?
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