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Makeover and a Pika get

Hello everyone! :)))

Raikourai here and today i'd like to welcome you to the plush makeover. We have our contestants of a champagne drunk Jolteon, a face reconstruct Houndoom and a new arrival; an overloved - new tagged Pikachu from hebilea with a surprise pika figure.

So let's this start this makeover! :)
Our host is Thyra the Jolteon.


Our first contestant is Majess. We all know plushies who want to party and hang around their owner through the biggest parties. It all started on New Years Eve, when a half bottle of champagne is put in the bag just so its saved. Well it didnt end well, after the cap opened and emptied itself like an old guy after a night out.


After the incident Majess have received a well deserved, wash, repaint and her nose returned to its former place.


As Thyra consulted with Majess, how is to be back.

Our second is Doom, a commissioned Houndoom (i don't know who made him). The story is not so dramatic as Majess. He had his snout, neck sewed with black threat on the orange fleece. Not so smooth, but not anymore. He has gotten a so called "beauty surgery" reshaping his nose-snout-neck area. He stood proud after the results.



The results are quite nice or at least the sewing is not visible anymore. I was already happy how he originally looked like, but i thought a little touchup wouldn't hurt, if i'm already at it :)

Finally the third, and last contestant is a newcomer I <3 Pikachu Dx plushie - Chuka. She arrived with a well loved fur and a tag combo. Washing was out of the question, but was in the need of resetting her original glory.





After a touchup and some grooming Chuka has returned to her original state. Like if she would have been just freshly down from the shelf.


As Thyra chatted with Chuka she got to know her new life is just about to unfold, in a new place with a fresh start.


Thyra: We have yet finished our show, next up is a sideproject from a recent package with my lovely background Eevee and friends towel, Flareon Pitapoke and an Altaria parfait who had minor ear problems. As a rescue we have rearranged her ear pieces and created a new one. both of the ear pieces has been broken off and even broken into smaller pieces. That has not been a thing to stop out makeover.
Now the word is Chuka's.



Chuka: Thanks for tuning in and i hope to see you again in another post. Have an amazing day! :3
Tags: altaria, houndoom, jolteon, pikachu
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