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Plasma Blast pulls and a holiday card!

Hey guys! I recently had a job at a big book store for the holiday season, and I had been so happy to see they had of Pokemon stuff! They had an assortment of books, as well as plush of Pikachu, Oshawott and Keldeo, the giant winking Pikachu plush, and the Tomy sets featuring the Pikachu, Charmander and Squirtle lines.

So during "employee appreciation weekend," when employees got some nice discounts, I decided to buy...Pokemon cards! In the "loot bag" section there are a bunch of Plasma Blast boosters, so I figured I'd get some! While deciding how many to get, there was also a cute little boy who wanted to buy some as a birthday gift for a friend. He didn't know the names of the Pokemon on the packaging, so I (being the expert) helped him. :3

This was the first time I've bought Pokemon cards in years, but boy was it fun. XD
 photo PlasmaBlast1_zpsde4729d5.jpg
My first pack was amazing! I got so excited when I saw Kyurem EX, he's so cool! I also got the Iris Supporter card.

 photo PlasmaBlast2_zpsa4d9744d.jpg
I'm a bit more underwhelmed by this pull. I also got a second Druddigon.

All the cards are for sale, so please inquire if you're interested in something! I'm also selling the codes for the TCG online! Please leave a comment if you're interested. :3

Lastly, I'm also selling something neat! Valentine's Day is around the corner, and you want to send a greeting that special Poke-fan in your life. Well I've got just the thing for you!
Valentine's Day card outside photo Valenfront-1.jpg
Valentine's Day card inside photo Valeninside.jpg
A Pokemon Valentine's Day card! The first photo is the cover, second is the inside. It's printed on very nice paper, and you can easily fill in the white spots on Pika's ear with a black pen or marker.

I am selling this card for $4 before shipping, OBO. It can also be combined with anything from my sales post!

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