Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

yes, it's that time!! time to auction off some of my raichu doubles!!! *bawwwwwl*
ALSO: i will have a (mint but not in box) mew bell plush in my possession soon, and i recall a member of the comm was very sad when they missed the last one i had, but i do not remember who you are. please contact me if interested in this bell plush!

both items are MINT CONDITION and UNUSED!! from my personal collection of doubles.

raichu/pikachu/pichu zukan, one of the hardest zukans to find!! a lovely addition to your zukan collection... :D ALSO! POKEMON POP RAICHU! i've only ever seen three of these in my ten years collecting raichu! the item is mint but does NOT have the red string as pictured.


ZUKAN: 35.00$ (CURRENT HIGH BID: scarsofsunlight)
POKE POP: 21.00$ (CURRENT HIGH BID: devi_white)

auctions will end SUNDAY at midnight eastern time! increase all bids by 1$.
Tags: raichu, sales
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